Kids in the hospital use the HTC Vive virtual reality system

[ Music ]>>[Background Music] So let’s
put this on your head now. You ready? All right, can you help me?>>Oh, I see me!>>Oh, good job.>>Yeah.>>Use your thumb, you know how
you can slide around the computer? Wow, that’s.>>[inaudible] I see.>>A lot of stuff there.>>Yeah, so what do you think all that does?>>Uh, paint.>>Yep.>>This is [inaudible].>>You like it?>>Yeah!>>What’s your favorite part?>>The painting.>>The paining.>>[laughter] Nice. That’s awesome.>>It was like, it was real, like,
you could, the characters were like right there in front of you.>>What was your pain score before you did this?>>It was like a nine.>>What would you say it is now?>>A seven.>>What would you say it
was while you were doing it?>>Probably a six. [ Music ]

12 thoughts on “Kids in the hospital use the HTC Vive virtual reality system

  1. These HMDs are for ages 12 and up if I'm not mistaken. This can cause damage to the developing retinas. I guess it's not bad for a few moments but this shouldn't be used on kids that young.

  2. Okay… okay… how is nobody else questioning how THE VR IS RUNNING ON A FLIPPIN LAPTOP

    Also this is a great video!!!

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