Kids at the Hospital – Vivi and her Operation

♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ Hi there. My name’s Vivi. I just got back from
Credit Valley Hospital. I had to have my tonsils out.
Ugh! But actually, it wasn’t so bad. Credit Valley’s a pretty cool
place, for a hospital, that is. I hear you’re going to have
an operation there too. It’ll be okay.
I can tell you all about it. Come with me. ♪♪♪ ♪ If you’re going
to the hospital ♪ ♪ don’t need to freak out ♪ ♪ I can tell you there’s
nothing to worry about ♪ ♪ If you feel nervous,
don’t worry, my friend ♪ ♪ Before long,
you’ll feel better again ♪ ♪ The doctors will fix
your teeth or your throat ♪ ♪ There are a lot of other kids
here in the same boat ♪ ♪ It’s the way to get better
and the right thing to do ♪ ♪ ’cause Credit Valley
takes good care of you ♪ ♪ Yeah, Credit Valley
takes good care of you ♪♪ When I first found out I had
to go to the hospital for an operation, I didn’t
know what to expect, but now I can tell you
what it’s like, so you can get ready. ♪♪♪ (Spencer’s mom)
Just confirming Spencer Agard’s
appointment for tomorrow. (Vivi)
Getting ready for your operation
starts the day before. Make sure you have
a bath or a shower. Your parents will call your
doctor’s office to check the time of your operation. Your nurse will let your
parents know how much you can have to eat and drink
the night before your operation. You’ll be able to drink again
when you wake up and feel better. When you come to the hospital
to have your operation, remember to not wear jewelry,
nail polish, or make-up. You also need to leave
special things, like your watch, at home. Good night. (Vivi)
You can bring
your own pajamas for after the operation
if you want. Remember to bring slippers
and a special book, blanket, or toy. (Spencer’s mom)
Oh, we can’t forget lion. I’ll pack him in your bag
for you, okay? Good night. Good night. If you’re not staying overnight,
that’s all you have to bring. I brought a book
and Fuzzy, my bear. ♪♪♪ (Vivi)
Your mom and dad will bring you
to the hospital and be close by the whole time. You can see them
as soon as you wake up. Thank you.
Just sign your first name here. ♪♪♪ Spence? (Vivi)
When you arrive
at the presurgery clinic and show them your health card,
you’ll get a hospital bracelet with your name on it. I kept mine as a souvenir. (Vivi)
They have cool pajamas
you can wear here. Lots of people
at Credit Valley wear special hospital clothes. Some doctors and nurses
wear masks and hats too. (nurse)
We’re gonna put this
under your tongue. (Vivi)
A nurse will take
your temperature. That’s a good boy. (Vivi)
And then use a special machine
to do your blood pressure. This will feel like your arm
is being given a hug, just like at
the doctor’s office. This is okay. Some kids like to watch TV
while they’re waiting. (nurse)
Hi Spencer,
time for surgery. Bring your mom. You might want to know some
things about your operation. I did. (Vivi)
If you have questions
about your operation, don’t ever be afraid to ask. I wanted to know:
would my operation hurt? Could my dad stay with me
during the operation? And when would I
get to go home? Here’s what I found out:
your operation won’t hurt at all because it’ll happen
when you’re asleep. And he’s having
his tonsils– (Vivi)
You’ll go to the operating
room with the nurse. Your mom or dad
will wait outside. Everyone’s friendly
at the hospital, and when it comes
to taking care of kids, they’re the experts. ♪♪♪ I want you to step up
on this stool. Climb up here. Lie on your back where
you’re comfortable. All the way over,
straighten down your legs, and put your head
in the funny pillow. (Vivi)
This is the room where
you’ll have your operation. It has a bed that
moves up and down. It has computers… …and special lights
and other equipment that the doctors use. When you are in operating room,
you’ll be given a special sleep medication which
will help you to stay asleep so you can’t feel what
the doctor’s doing during your operation. [machine beeps] That’s you up there. (Vivi)
You’ll get medicine
to help you fall asleep through a special mask. I’m going to start
your intravenous. Hi there. Hi there. So everything went well
with Spencer. Okay. (Vivi)
After your operation,
the doctor will talk to your mom or dad to let them
know you’re doing fine. Spencer. Hey Spencer, wake up. How are you?
Are you okay? Do you want to see your mom? (Vivi)
Then a nurse will take
one of your parents into the wake-up room… See, your mama’s here. (Vivi)
…so that you can see them
after you wake up. If you don’t feel well
after your operation, the nurse will get you
some medication to help you feel better. ♪♪♪ It will tickle
a little bit, okay? (Vivi)
I’m glad I brought
my special toy, and I like the freezies
that the nurses gave me. Most children who have
operations at Credit Valley go home the same day, but sometimes
kids stay overnight. After your operation,
you’ll stay for a few hours, and then the doctor will decide
if you’re ready to go home. ♪♪♪ (Vivi)
After I came home,
it still hurt a bit. The doctors and nurses
at Credit Valley had told my parents what to do,
so I took some medicine and had a really long nap. Then I felt way better. You know what? Having an operation
wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Everybody was really nice, and they answered
all my questions. I feel a lot better now. I’m proud of myself. ♪♪♪ Bye. Bye.
Thank you. Come on, hon, this way. Hey, it’s been a lot of fun
talking to you today. So bye for now. Yay, you’re going home now. ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪

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