Kidney Transplant Center: Donate Life Month | Tufts Medical Center

We really value Donate Life Month here at Tufts Medical Center because we are born with two kidneys and when we need one it’s such a wonderful, giving, selfless thing to donate one of your kidneys to someone else in need. One of the things about Tufts that I think sets us apart in transplant surgery is the team approach to patient care.
The transplant team here really wants to make sure they’re available to each person, having to embark on this, to help walk them through the process. Even if they’re not directly related, the connections that form after donating a kidney is actually remarkable. A lot of them continue to stay in touch even if it’s not regularly, they still have, it’s like unbreakable bond. I would say.
I have not met one donor who has regretted their decision. They’ve all been people of very different personalities and walks of life and yet they found donation to be this incredibly important experience in their life, one of the things that they’re most proud of when they look back at at the things that they’ve done in their lives, and so in the end it ends up being a really special experience for them, even apart from the benefit it had for this person that they donated to. Donors live full complete lives with one kidney and recipients can also live full healthy lives with one kidney as well. And it’s a wonderful thing to donate one of your kidneys so that someone else can have that gift of life. So, if you’re interested in donating a kidney at Tufts whether it be to a loved one or someone you’ve never met before we have a website that’s that you can go to, fill in some information about yourself and we contact you afterwards to discuss any questions you have and see if you want to move forward with evaluation.

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