Kid Captain Bibiana | UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital

– Bibiana was diagnosed with
a recessive kidney disease. She was born with no kidney function. Dialysis for three and a half years until she got her kidney transplant when she was three and a half. It is rare. They said it could be genetic. They did tests, they
couldn’t find anything. – She’s on anti-rejection pills, and she knows a donor
donated a kidney for her, and she’s got a limited time with it. – [Rosa] She eventually is
gonna get another kidney, and she’s gonna be on the waiting list, and we’re gonna have to start over again. – [Patrick] She takes it like a trooper. She doesn’t complain. She had a little walker, and she used to run
with it and everything. She was always rambunctious. – [Rosa] She’s been an amazing kid. I just push her, you know,
yes, you can do this. I don’t keep her in a bubble. – She’s got special needs,
and people see that. She doesn’t make you
think or feel like that. Like, she wants to be loud and be known. And I’ve never seen her
let her disability stop her or slow her down. She’s a fighter. – I want the people to know that to be happy and also be strong. – The doctors at UCLA Medical are the top of the nation. We won’t even leave SoCal
just ’cause we’re so close to be being to UCLA. It means that much to us. Bibiana being Kid Captain
means the world to me. – [Rosa] To be on the field
and feel what she sees on TV. There’s just no words. (Rosa laughing) – [Patrick] This is gonna
get her an experience that she’s never gonna forget. – Go UCLA!

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