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Never really having to go to the hospital, never really having any- anything wrong with me, um to just randomly having breast cancer and being pregnant on top if it, it was very, very scary. I don’t know of any 26 year olds that have to deal with a cancer diagnosis, let alone being pregnant on top of it. She was aware that she had an aggressive type of breast cancer. The team at the breast center, the surgeon and the medical oncologist worked early on with her OBGYN team I had to make a decision in my head, who would come first myself or my child, I told my boyfriend as well as my mom that if anything, I wanted him to live and not me. If we had to choose, what we were going to do, he came first. But with Kate Mullen and with every other doctor here at the hospital, I knew I was in good hands.
The treatment plan that we decided upon started with surgery, so the cancer was removed from her body by Dr. Chatterjee with an oncoplastic surgery. He is an amazing surgeon. Not only does he deal with breast cancer, he also does reconstruction surgery as well. Not many doctors do- can do both.
That was followed by four cycles of chemotherapy, that was chosen specifically to be safe for the baby. We do try to anticipate, how is she going to feel? How are the blood counts going to be? How is the baby doing?
They would call me on a regular basis just to see how I was doing in general. They knew it was tough being pregnant and as well as dealing with this diagnosis, but they took the time out of their day to make me feel like I was actually a part of their family.
Keshanna then had her C-Section and delivered the baby.
Because he was born six weeks early he had to go to the NICU and the nurses were amazing there. During the time where Liam was in the NICU, I was still doing chemotherapy. Once he got home was around the time I had to start radiation. We really communicated weekly as a team, in trying to address the challenges she might be facing. Right now I am considered cancer-free. I have now just been following up with my doctors. She’s done with her treatment plan and doing well, and I think she’s getting used to her new role as a working mother and she’s enjoying every minute of it.
Liam is my life. Looking at him I get so excited and I’m so happy that nothing has affected him. He is one happy, happy kid. He is just always smiling, which makes me smile. He is my world. I couldn’t imagine life without him. Tufts is always one step ahead, helping me live life after cancer.

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