Kendall Regional Medical Center’s Trauma Team Educates the Community on Stop The Bleed

(dramatic music) – So if somebody’s in a bad car accident or falls off the roof while
working, or get shot or stabbed, they frequently bleed to death. The American College of Surgeons has started to look and has
now encouraged trauma centers to teach another skill set
to the civilian population and that’s stop the bleed. – So we take great pride as
a level one trauma center to provide this training to
our community, to the students, to the instructors, the teachers, this valuable life saving skill. – You might have your shirt,
you might have a sweatshirt. You might have a sock. You might have your new favorite shirt you’ve just bought at Macy’s. Use it, pocket, even if
your sweatshirt is dirty, we can cure infections, right? You’ve gotta stop the bleeding. So, whatever you have you
can get your hands on, to push in that wound,
to stop the bleeding, that’s what you need to use, okay? – [Mark] That’s relatively simple. You can hold direct pressure
over a bleeding wound and most of the time bleeding will stop. And another option if it’s
available is a tourniquet. – What I learned what a
tourniquet is and how to use it. With everything going on,
the students and everything, you need to know how to properly
put pressure on the wound. – It’s important in case,
’cause you never know when you’re gonna be in that scenario where you might need to. – We have a great group of
students here, a hundred students from all around Dade County. Representatives of their school. And we’ll get the information out to them and they’ll start to disseminate the information throughout the community. And once this catches on and everybody’s relatively familiar with it,
many lives will be saved. (dramatic music)

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