Kendall Regional Medical Center’s Chief Operating Officer Talks Construction Updates

– I’m Randy Gross, Chief Operating Officer here at Kendall Regional Medical Center. Tody we’re gonna give you
a little bit of an overview of the big project we have
here going on in the campus and we’re real excited about. We’re expanding two additional floors here on the west tower. We’re adding all private rooms,
adult intensive care unit, a step down unit, a new pediatric unit, pediatric intensive care unit, and post partum mother baby unit. We’re actually adding a new entry way where you’re gonna be able to
come straight into the campus and really improve access for
our patients and visitors. Once the project’s done, we’ll be relocating our
helipad to the top here. This is our future site
for our new parking garage. We’re gonna be adding
a new parking garage, approximately 760 spaces. It’s really needed as the campus has grown and it’s projected to be
completed February, 2020 and then the tower
expansion is looked to open around March 2020. As you can imagine, we’re very excited about always being able to
care for the patients here at Kendall Regional Medical Center. This expansion’s just gonna
allow us to even grow further and do a better job as we
look to continue to grow and progress in time to come.

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