Kendall Regional Medical Center Stroke Patient Testimonial

(light music) – The day I had my stroke,
just a normal day, I mean, didn’t have any ill symptoms
earlier that day at all. I’ve been volunteer coaching
for the past 13 years. I was running alongside
with one of my players, kinda felt like a shortness
of breath just a bit but nothing too serious,
just enough to take a knee. People around me were
saying that my left side of my mouth wasn’t moving when I was talking. They called the paramedics
which I told them not to do. (laughs) They still did. I didn’t wanna scare my boys. Ya know, I didn’t wanna be
taken out on a stretcher or anything in front of my team. They told me not to move, the
paramedics came very quick. Responded very fast and
dispatchers actually recommended that we go straight to Kendall
Regional Trauma Center. They have the best advanced
care for the situation that I was in. In the paramedics truck, they
told me to squeeze his hand with my left hand. I could do it with my right but I noticed I couldn’t do it with my
left and I didn’t wanna admit to anyone that I couldn’t do it. I noticed I was losing
movement in my left leg also, which I didn’t want to
admit, but that’s when it was kinda dawning on me that yeah, I think I may be having a stroke. My wife had to make a lot of
big decisions on the spot. The doctors gave her the best advice. I received the TPA, then I received a scan which located the clot in my brain, exactly where it was. After the scan, they did a
procedure called a thrombectomy where they went in through my
groin and strait to my brain and flushed out the blood clot. All this happened within
two hours, I believe. I went down about 7:30
and I was in surgery about eight, nine o’clock. My wife said that they
orchestrated it very well. Everything went smooth and it’s amazing, the speed that they move at, I mean, the caring and definitely
a great hospital. I’m glad the paramedics
suggested that we come here right away. They knew it was a stroke
and they said this is the best place for it, Kendall Regional. Don’t waste your time going anywhere else. Straight here and they were right. I’m 34 years old and I’m a stroke survivor thanks to Kendall Regional Medical Center. (light music)

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