Kendall Regional Medical Center Burn Services – Dr. Rizal Lim

– Hi, I’m Rizal Lim,
I’m one of the plastics and reconstructive surgeons at Kendall Regional Medical Center. I went to college at
Miami University in Ohio and then Medical College
of Ohio for med school. I did general surgery at Boston University and then came to the University
of Miami for plastic surgery and then finished it off with a one-year fellowship at UCLA
for craniofacial surgery. Plastic surgery encompasses
a significant amount of problems, including large
wounds, congenital defects, the wounds that are
associated with trauma. I came to Kendall because
I liked the Miami area. We see patients from
every possible background. I like the fact that this facility is a Level 1 trauma center, we’re definitely working
on improving patient care, not just within our own
specialties, but across the board. One of the things that
challenges me the most about it, that I enjoy the most, is taking a patient that looks almost not
like a person anymore and bring them back to
what they were before. And that’s what drives us.

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