Kendall Regional Medical Center Burn Services – Dr. Morad Askari

– I’m Morad Askari. I’m one of the staff surgeons
here in Kendall Regional. I work in the area of plastic
and reconstructive surgery as well as burn and orthopedic
upper extremity surgery. Like most people in Miami, I come from an immigrant family. My father’s also a physician. So many times we collaborate. I went to medical school in
University of Pittsburgh. Spent time doing research
in Carnegie Mellon. I trained in general
surgery and plastic surgery in LA County Medical Center. I’m trained in orthopedic
hand surgery in Mayo Clinic. One of the rewarding
experiences that I’ve had is the ability to go to
Africa to perform missions that focus on burn care
as well as upper extremity and hand surgery trauma. Having a wide share of trauma patients as a level one trauma center in Kendall Regional Medical Center we can have reconstructive patients after a cancer operation, patients who are trauma victims, and the most satisfying
thing are the happy and successful stories. For example, you have a
patient who comes to the verge of losing his leg. We take the patient to the operating room and we do a very complicated
microsurgical procedure. Then they come back after rehabilitation and now they’re able to walk. It’s by far probably the most emotional and yet joyous moment
when we see that patient walk into our clinic.

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