Kendall Regional Medical Center Burn Services – Dr. Haaris Mir

– My name is Haaris Mir. I’m the medical director of the Kendall Regional Burn Center. We run the full gamut of
all the burn services, pediatric and adult. After completing medical school I completed a five year general
surgery training program at Temple University and
then I went on to complete a hand and microsurgery
fellowship at Keinert Kutz at the University of Louisville and then burn and
reconstructive fellowship as well as plastic and
reconstructive residency at Indiana University. In the last couple of years
we’ve become the largest and the busiest burn
center in South Florida. Just the facilities that
Kendall Regional offers it allows you to practice you craft in the best way possible. My wife and I are both physicians. At times it’s really helpful to have her to bounce ideas off of her and bring it back into
my own clinical practice. Today I had one of my
favorite things happen to me. I came down to see a patient
that had breast cancer. I just finished her second
stage of breast reconstruction and she was just so happy, she was crying in tears when she saw me and thanked me and hugged me and that’s what gives me
the power to keep going.

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