Kendall Regional Medical Center – Burn Center

– [Narrator] A brush fire. A serious car crash. (sirens blaring) A kitchen accident. A severe burn can happen
to anyone at anytime. Fortunately, the Kendall
Burn Center is ready. – Most burn centers have
one or two physicians that see the patient. Here, it’s a team of people
that see each patient. So, you basically look into
everything about that patient, and you’re apt to miss a whole lot less if you’ve got more eyes on the patient. – [Narrator] At the Kendall Burn Center, our team is on hand to
treat any burn injury, regardless of a patient’s age. Physicians are here 24 hours
a day, seven days a week, along with specialized burn
nurses and technicians, trained in critical care
to assist both patients and their families during
these traumatic moments. With a dedicated operating room, and customized burn inpatient units, the Kendall Burn Center
can handle a wide range of injuries, from skin grafts to custom thermoplast splinting. The Burn Center is located within Kendall Regional Medical Center. In a burn-related trauma, it’s important for the patient to be as
comfortable as possible. With eight individual treatment rooms, a private entrance, and dedicated parking, convenience and privacy are top priorities at the Kendall Burn Center. Confidentiality is taken a step further, with Kendall Burn Center’s
private waiting areas, designed for families and
friends to wait comfortably as their loved one is being treated. Staff are in constant contact, providing continuous information regarding the patient’s
condition and progress. Rehabilitation is essential for some trauma-related burn injuries. At the Kendall Burn
Center, physical therapy and occupational therapy
are available onsite. With compassionate care
and positive reassurance, a team of occupational
and physical therapists, speech pathologists, and even
a certified hand therapist, all work with patients to
recover and regain full strength. Along with this human touch comes state of the art
rehabilitation technology, such as wound-vac therapy, extremity whirlpool therapy, and full-body whirlpool therapy. Our rehabilitation staff
also prepares the patient for everyday situations once
they leave the Burn Center. – That’s probably the
scariest part of any of it, is when they go home. When the larger burns go home like that, the families get very nervous, they ask a million questions, they try to find excuses
to stay one more day. But after they’ve been
home for a couple days, they realize that that’s
where the patient needs to be, and they start to recover
even more than they, you know, the point they’ve gotten to before they leave the hospital. – [Narrator] The Kendall Burn Center, located in Kendall
Regional Medical Center. Quality care, done right.

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