Kelsey-Seybold Clinic: Changing the Way Health Cares (60 sec. TV spot)

(uplifting music) – Reinvent the patient’s journey. – By paving the path with simplicity. – Explore every option. – Let evidence be your guide. – Prioritize people over process. – Don’t follow, set the
example for others to follow. – Collaborate with the
precision of a space mission. – Orchestrate with the
passion of a maestro. – [Man] Create a positive atmosphere. – Eliminate anything standing
in the way of healing. – Make it personal. – Focus on being the
best, not the biggest. – [Man] Be the connection that
matters, at the right time. – Be the greatest resource you
can be for greater Houston. – Be refreshing. – [Woman] Be different. – [Woman] Be what’s
possible when more than 400 of today’s brightest medical
minds shine together. – Most of all be family. – [Woman] Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, changing the way health cares.

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