Kaiser Oakland Medical Center: The Student Experience

[MUSIC] In broad terms the patient population
at Kaiser Oakland is diverse. And I think that it’s growing.>>With the new onset of the ACA we saw a lot of people who are really
coming into care for the first time.>>Kaiser is seeing that growth both
with breadth of their patients, but also with diversity of the
socioeconomic status of their patients.>>The staff was incredibly
supportive of medical students.>>You stick out in a good way. I think that providers really,
really want to teach you. They are excited to teach. They carve out opportunities to teach.>>I could walk into essentially any
clinic in the entire hospital, and the physician would be excited to have me,
teach me. And then we would have
follow-up in the future and I could come back really at any time.>>I was part of a longitudinal
clerkship program called KLIC, the Kaiser Longitudinal Clerkship Program,
so I got to experience patients in all different settings
across all of my clerkships.>>In the KLIC program they
have a specific project, called the Pulse Project, which is
essentially you learn about a lot of a variety of things which
includes quality improvement.>>And going through this year-long
project with my colleagues helped me realize that quality
improvement is something that is very dynamic in the workplace and
exciting. And has basically changed
my career path and I would like to do quality
improvement as a physician.>>I really got to experience
the diversity both of care and of the patients, so
I would go from my pediatric clinic to my neurology clinic, and see patients
on all ends of the age spectrum.>>So there’s a huge continuity for patients that you get to
follow around the hospital and all of their different experiences,
which I think is unique to Kaiser Oakland.>>Kaiser is a really interesting
model of health care. I think it’s the closest to a single payer
system that we have in this country and I think for
that reason it’s leading the nation in terms of what health care might look
like in a truly integrated system.>>It’s one single organization
that has primary care doctors. It has specialist physicians as
well as physical therapists, occupational therapists, and there are a lot of ancillary staff all
kind of underneath a single umbrella.>>The robust data set that
they have because of the large patient population that they work with
provides a lot of opportunities for research and innovation,
both in policy and systems work as well as education so
I’m excited about Kaiser as a system. Potentially to work in.>>Through Kaiser Oakland, I can basically
see pediatric patients from, essentially day one, allowed me to realize that’s
where I wanted to go with my career path.

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