Kadınlar da saç ekimi yaptırabilir mi? – Dr.Serkan Aygın Cevaplıyor

One of the most wondered subject is if the hair transplant can be done for women? And an increasing number of women patients are applying to us, by live consultation or sending their photos. Of course hair transplant for women can be done. But it is hard to decide hair transplant for women. Because, there can be different causes of hair loss. First of all these reasons should be eliminated and the cause should be androgenetic alopecia for ladies. After the presence of androgenetic alopecia has been detected, If the forehead line goes upwards like a man and when the baldness of the forehead begins, now it is a very common procedure. Too many female patients complain about it. And these patients have their operations and get feminine new forehead line. Another thing that people are curious about is, if the hair transplant can be done for the hair loss presence at the crown area of ladies. Of course, it can be done It is much better to have a live examination to decide. During the live consultation, If it is detected that there are enough gaps through the hair, hair transplantion can be done to that area too.

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