JWU Physician Assistant Studies Lab Tour: Clinical Skills Lab

So right now we’re sitting in our
clinical skills lab. Around the room here we have actually 12 different individual
stations. Each station has its own computer where we’ll be able to demo
different medical records software, and students will have practice inputting
data in that field systems. Additionally we can take anything in the room and
project it to any other computer in the room, so it allows us to really not have
to move around the room too much if we have something interesting that’s going
on at one particular station we can broadcast it throughout. This is a
laboratory where the students will learn the head-to-toe physical exam, or get the
more hands-on practice that they need to learn, so during the summer courses they
learn the complete head-to-toe physical exam. And then as the year goes on they
will learn the specific parts of each body system. Additionally we can use this
room as a wet lab where we can learn suturing, splinting, casting,and other
modalities that the students will need to learn before they go on to clinical

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