Justin Benabdallah, M.D. | Urologist

(gentle music)>>Hi, I’m Justin Benabdallah. I am an assistant professor of urology with the Brady Urologic
Institute here at Johns Hopkins, working at Sibley Memorial
Hospital in Washington DC. I was drawn to the specialty of urology partially because of
the breadth of patients and diseases that we treat, as well as the specialty
being on the forefront of technology when it
comes to treating these. One of the things that
drew me to endourology and minimally-invasive
urology, in particular, is the use of small
cameras and small incisions allows for my patients to have less pain, shorter recovery, and less bleeding. In addition to being an endourologist, I would consider myself, in many ways, to be a general urologist in
that I’m able to treat men and women with a myriad of
problems ranging from cancer to men’s health and infertility, as well as kidney stones
and other problems within genitourinary tract. My philosophy in patient
care is really driven at educating and involving
the patient in their care. I think it’s important to recognize that medicine is not black and white and not every treatment plan
is suited for each patient. If you find yourself with any
of a number of urologic issues that I’m able to treat,
please don’t hesitate to contact my office or myself personally, and I’d be happy to work with
you to find a treatment plan that will best work for you. (gentle music)

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