Juniper’s Story: Pediatric Heart Center at UC Davis Children’s Hospital

She was having difficulty with both
her heart rate and her oxygen levels, they were just going up and down
consistently. They did a chest x-ray and found that she did have a PDA. PDA
stands for patent ductus arteriosus. That blood vessel is in the fetus and it
connects the big vessel called the aorta that feeds the body to the pulmonary
artery which is the big vessel that goes to the lungs to get oxygen. That vessel
has been designed by mother nature to close up by itself but a newborn baby
that’s premature, who hasn’t had 40 weeks of cooking, if you will, mother nature
does not know that it’s supposed to close because the baby is now born and so many
of the premature babies have this ductus that creates a problem. She had great results almost immediately. What’s new is really the development of these smaller devices and delivery
systems where you can put them into the small vessels of the premature baby to
do the procedure. It’s just taking it one day at a time. That’s really all you can
do is one day at a time because you’re not really gonna have good days until
you’re ready to go home. you

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  1. Our family's miracle baby!!!  Thank you UC Davis Health for taking care of Juniper and her family.  I love seeing her updates!!!

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