Joshua T. Taylor, MD: General Surgeon at StoneCrest Clinic of The Surgical Clinic

My name is Joshua Taylor I’m a general surgeon with the surgical clinic at Stonecrest Medical Center. I attended
The University of Alabama for undergrad I went to the Johns Hopkins Medical School in Baltimore Maryland and then I did my general surgery training in Vanderbilt.
I went into practice in Mobile, Alabama for a little while and I got the
opportunity to come join really one of my mentors here, Dr. Willie Melvin, but
also be a part of The Surgical Clinic I mean that was like being part of you
know one of the giants and surgery in my opinion so you know it was a really
exciting opportunity and something I’m still very excited about. During my
training during medical school one of the things that I really came to
appreciate about surgery is this very intimate bond that you have with a
patient every interaction I have with a patient I feel like is an opportunity to
hopefully improve their lives so I cherish that and like I said I feel like
it’s a very intimate bond that you have with the patient. I love being a dad it’s
been a really exciting time having a little girl and I’m definitely wrapped
around her finger for sure and my wife is amazing she’s a nurse practitioner
and so we’re both in the healthcare field she’s really you know my rock
she’s kind of what I lean on. As a general surgeon that’s really one
of the exciting things is sometimes you just never know what your day is
gonna bring that’s the thing that keeps me excited is that variety. For my
patients, I want them to know that I take what I do seriously. I want to make sure
that I feel like what I think needs to be done you know is is really the right
thing for the patient and sometimes that means not surgery when a patient comes
to see a surgeon that’s an incredibly anxiety provoking event and
so I want to try and do my best to reassure them let them know that I’ve
looked at all the options walk through the options with them and try to come to
the best plan together.

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