Johnston-Willis Hospital Inpatient Rehabilitation

Upbeat music playing throughout the entire video Johnston-Willis Hospital Rehabilitation Center logo appears on screen. Johnston-Willis Hospital exterior. Words “Johnston-Willis Hospital Inpatient Rehab Unit” appear on screen. Rehab Center sign in hallway Patient information board
in a patient room. Ppatient room. Words “Spacious rooms for patient comfort” appear on screen. Patient room. Patient bed with water cup and sign that reads “This room has been cleaned and sanitized just for you!” Patient bathroom. Words “Some bathrooms include full bathtubs” appear on screen. Patient room with sign on the wall that reads “Our patients/Our priority. Call don’t fall!”. Patient room. Nurses station. Words “Nurse’s station convenient
for patients” appear on screen. Patient therapy gym. Words “Patient therapy gyms located on site” appear on screen. Patient therapy gym equipment. Patient therapy gym beach balls. Patient kitchen. Words “Accessible
kitchen for patients” appear on screen. Hand therapy materials. Words “Therapy for all body parts, including hands” appear on screen. Hand therapy machine. Patient therapy gym equipment. Two therapy dogs. The words “Fraser and Schaffer assist with rehab” appear on screen. Playing cards. The words “Various activities to stimulate the mind” appear on screen. A note that says “yes you can” The nurses station A note that says “Must have bed or chair alarm on at all times, call don’t fall. Patient is at high risk for falls.” A room with chairs. The words “Nice respite for patient, family relaxation” appear on screen. Johnston-Willis Hospital Rehabilitation Center HCAVA

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