John’s Story – Parkland Medical Center

– My name is John Westwood. I was a career air defense
officer for 35 years. Then I worked for a government
contractor for 10 years. About 10 minutes into my daily workouts on the elliptical, I
kept getting a real sore in my heart area and my left arm, so I kinda figured after a couple of weeks that I might be having a problem. And so I came in and I did have a blockage and within 10 hours I
was in the operating room and they put in a stent. It was very, very scary,
especially when they said that I had to go into surgery and they were gonna go up
my leg and into my heart. You know, I was sent
from the emergency room to the second floor and was put in a room that was very professional. The board told me
everything I needed to know, who my doctors and everybody were. I had Dr. Cohen, who
has recently passed on. I loved him. I also had Dr. Venk, who actually did the procedure and they were both very professional and very,
very fun to be around. I had the privilege of having these nurses come in that obviously I didn’t know, but they sat down and not only told me who they were but they
looked me in the eye and told me they were
gonna take good care of me. They took my hand, shook
my hand, and just said, “We’re gonna do really, really good “and when we leave, this
is gonna be your nurse. “And when she leaves, this
is gonna be your nurse.” And it was just an incredible experience. When I went home, it was with a lot of scary feelings, not
because I didn’t think I had the best care in
the world because I did, but you didn’t know. Now I’ve had a heart attack,
and that for a military guy who’s supposed to
be macho and, you know, real tough, was real frustrating. They worked me out every
day for two or three weeks. They just continued to
work with me until they told me just how to be. And I’ve never looked
back and it’s been great. We — we came to Parkland
because it was close. We live just 20 minutes away. But, you know, it was
small, it was personable. We just felt like home
here and I would never go anywhere but here.

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