Johnnie’s Story: Inpatient Rehabilitation at Parham Doctors’ Hospital

[Music] My name is Johnnie and what brought me to Parham Hospital was I was diagnosed with a syndrome
called GBS Gullain Barre Syndrome and also CIPD. GBS was only affecting me physically it
started off as a mild tingling feeling just a little prickling in it but it
would go in my leg and it will go away. A few seconds, it would go in my foot and it
would go away. In 2017 we lost my dad on February 7th, my sister April 20th my
mom the fourth of July. So to see my brother laying there unconscious
breathing tube and feeding tubes and stuff and it was very traumatic for us
as a family. I went to this nursing home and I did literally nothing I stayed in
the bed the whole time I was there twelve days with a catheter in and I
wind up catching a UTI so I relapsed. Afterwards I was still only
able to move about here with my fingers I was actually heading back to the
nursing home and then the social worker came in and
she said that there was a lady here at Parham Hospital that said NO! don’t let
him go there her name is Joy. The program here is
awesome, I mean awesome like I never never, never imagined that I would be
here today doing the things that I’m doing from day one. All right let me see what you got. And I was just like no way like this all I got. I can only do this. And she got me in here and got me in a chair and that’s where it began.
And look at you now.
Thank God for you. I hadn’t moved in two months so I didn’t even know I could move still ever since it’s
been nothing but progress, progress and progress for me. When he first got here
when I walked through the room he just laid there he had the biggest smile on
his face but he couldn’t do anything but from the moment I walked in he was
motivated to work and and to try whatever it was that I asked. There were
some times where he look at me like you want me to do this and I’m like yeah
let’s try it and so every day we would try to do things and he would see that
he could do a little bit more each day The program is set to push you to help
you. You know if it was up to me I’d still be in a bed. They made me do the
things for myself. I work with more Maura my PT my physical therapist.
She got me walking. She got me walking. Thank God. It happened in days. It happened in days. We started with this this hoist lift that goes around. One day.
And I took some steps. I felt so good standing. I didn’t expect
him to walk that fast like I thought he’s gonna still be using the lift like
like at least like a month or a couple of weeks and all of a sudden he was just
walking I was like awesome, I was like so happy. Going from doing, basically nothing to being able to walk
and cook in the kitchen and clean up after himself and all of those things
it’s been really good to see. The therapist here are awesome
Crystal, Maura, Jessica all of them, Nick always been a blessing with them it’s
been fun. Therapy is hard work don’t get me wrong but you have fun. So I’ve never
really seen staff I’ve always seen like family it’s not really been like
I’m the doctor and you’re the patient it’s always been like family they’ve
been very you know caring and considerate. A support system is its
major in recovery and learning how to do things over again
they’ve been here with me every day thank God my wife has been able to get
off work and be here with me for three whole months. Her and my daughters, my brother would come every night and that is what kept me
really going. They helped keep me really going. Parham Doctors’ Hospital has really
been an inspiration, they is wonderful We didn’t even know about this place and the lady Joy that works here, that
got us here, I just want to thank her thank her so much because this is the
place to come and this is the place to be I’m a miracle and everybody tells me but I just would have never imagined that
they could do the things that they did And it’s hard and I know it’s hard.
I would suggest having a positive attitude and knowing that one day
it’s gonna get better but most importantly I would say as soon as
you’re able to get out of the hospital where ever you at, to come here to
Param Doctor’s Hospital. I’ll tell you It works.

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