John Randolph Medical Center Emergency Room

(upbeat music) – Welcome to the John
Randolph Medical Center Emergency Room. – [Man] Where our team of
doctors, nurses, and specialists– – Is ready to care for you 24/7. – When you or someone you
love has a medical emergency– – [Woman] Knowing where to go
for the highest quality care can make all the difference. – We are proud to be an
accredited chest pain center and a certified primary stroke center. – However, if you have a minor illness or injury, our convenient fast track ER is available for you as well. – This means you are insured the fastest and most effective treatment available. – [Woman] We have been
committed to providing– – Quality healthcare in the tri-cities. – For over 100 years
for children and adults. – When you visit John
Randolph Medical Center– – You can rest easier. – Knowing you are at
the community hospital. – [Woman] With access to
the latest technology. – And all the services
within the HCA network. – [Man] We thank you for
allowing us the opportunity– – [Woman] To care for you and your family. (upbeat music)

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