John K. Erban, MD | Tufts Medical Center

I think the number-one quality for the doctor is empathy that the doctor has to be able to put themselves in the place of the patient to understand what they may be going through in order to convey the message in an empathic knowledgeable way. I think intellectual curiosity is important and generally, I think it’s great if one wants to be a part of a team because it’s really clear that taking care of patients requires being able to build a team around the patient to be able to support their are needs at every step in the journey. When I was an undergraduate college, I had a chemistry professor who really stimulated my interest in science and chemistry, and a few years later t became you know, interesting to know whether I could apply my talents to medicine or to the discovery in the laboratory and I always felt really interested in in medicine because it was an area of being able to help people. If there was one thing that I’d want patients to know, it is that we are here to be as helpful as possible, and that at any point if we stop being helpful I really want to know. I don’t think there’s been a day when I’ve gotten up in the morning and not wanted to come to work. It’s a great privilege to be a physician, particularly an oncologist, to have the opportunity to work with great specialists like there are at Tufts. To work with wonderful people who have as a mission coming in to help others, and it’s a true privilege to get to meet patients and understand how it is that we can be helpful to them. So it’s really energizing to come to work every day.

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