Jimmy Shaddox’s Success Story | Mesquite Specialty Hospital

They said there was something wrong inside,
like it was either a clot or something was wrong inside. So I went from
Greenville Hospital to Dallas Presby, and I don’t really remember much there, but I
do know that they found hundreds of blood clots in my intestines and I had to go in
for emergency surgery. And like I said I was there for a month, and
I really don’t remember anything except for I was transferred to Mesquite Specialty Hospital,
and from there I came awake. Everybody, every chance was explaining stuff
to me. I had a trach in my throat, was confused. But they constantly, every day were telling
me what was going on, what I needed to do. And every nurse, every person up there totally
helped me out. They didn’t complain about having to help
me get cleaned up, anything I needed they did for me. They got me out quicker than anybody thought
they would ever do, got all the needles out of me, all the lines. And then from there I came downstairs
with MRI, and with therapy, nurses, techs, everybody’s been awesome. And they didn’t expect me to go home, actually
at Presby at Dallas they didn’t expect me to go home at all, they thought I was dying. And um, then they said I’d hopefully get to head
home by Christmas here, and now I’m gonna get to go home before Halloween. So I’m so excited. I feel wonderful, therapy’s going great, and
I couldn’t ask for anything more!

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