Jimmie’s Story – Inpatient Rehabilitation at Parham Doctors’ Hospital

Hi, my name is Jimmie Christman, I’m a construction worker at Blakemore Construction. I got a three year old son named Dana Wayne. Had a brain injury Basically in a coma, couldn’t really do nothing, couldn’t walk, couldn’t talk, basically…do nothing. Nothing, Jimmy came down with the condition a very rare condition Labeled as ADEM He received a lesion on the brain, white matter all over the brain, swelling and because of that he was acting sporadically. Out of character. He was just wasn’t right. He was having a hard time speaking and walking. He started dragging his foot his left foot and It’s just something wasn’t right, and he was getting really aggravated. I’m kind of nervous about doing the whole recovery act. Come from about bottom and work my way back up. Re-teaching my brain how to do things that normally people just do. Like tie shoes or… Stuff like that. We just didn’t know what… How his brain was gonna work and what capacity it was going to have. So I knew he was going to have to relearn everything. One of his first times down here in physical therapy He pulled himself up on the parallel bars and this is somebody that’s come with no body control, to seeing him walk and talk and eat, and do all those little things that you wondered if he would ever do again. I walked we were walking at the barrel of waters to look back and see my family crime Was exciting since of accomplishment I felt like this was the best place to get Jimmy in his best quality life possible reading the stories online All the different stories gave me hope That’s what we really were basing everything off was Hope what he is doing here in rehab first of all with his condition wasn’t expected until a year out 12 months out, Jimmy couldn’t hold his head up coming here Jimmy had no body control will come in here. Jimmy couldn’t speak. He was saying a few days before he came here He just started saying a few words Within a week being here Jimmy was talking. Fully dr. G is amazing He is a tentative and will listen to what you your concerns, and he acts on him He’s very fast to act on his patients the mountain compassion and care that he provides and Comfort knowing that he is helped so many people throughout this time. I knew that He was gonna do everything that he could to help Jimmy all the staff feels good about you Everybody cares about you Christian justice you know Always when Griffin walks in the room. I know I’m getting better. I’m there every day golly She’s definitely gonna kiss me pushing she’s all getting better and better every day the experience with the staff I mean the compassion the kindness the love not just for Jimmy but Jimmy’s whole family when I saw the videos of Parham I Was so impressed and it gave me hope and I said I hope that this video gives people hope that when they see this because it can it can happen and this is such a wonderful wonderful place and Full of great doctors and nurses and therapists. They’ve gotten him so far

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