Jill Kolesar discusses the Precision Medicine Clinic at Markey Cancer Center

My name is Jill Kolesar. I have my PharmD
with a master’s degree in genetic epidemiology, and at UK I’m a professor
in the College of Pharmacy, and at the Markey Cancer Center and the director of
the molecular tumor board as well as the director of the precision medicine
center. The Markey Cancer Center is the first place in the state to have a
precision medicine center, and in our precision medicine center we have four
component: the first one is sequencing– so very technically advanced sequencing
that can be done on tumors, and that’s all available at the Markey Cancer
Center; the second thing is the molecular tumor board, which we’ve already talked
about; the third thing that we have is a dedicated space, and in that dedicated
space we have four chairs for chemotherapy infusions, and we have to
places–two rooms for a clinic, and patients can be seen in the precision
medicine clinic, and they can also go on to get infusions in the infusion
center. The other component that we’re bringing to the precision medicine
center our early phase clinical trials. We have a contract with the National
Cancer Institute, and we’re the only Cancer Center in Kentucky who has access
to these clinical trials, and any of our patients will have access to those as
well. So the types of patients that would be seen in the precision medicine center
are patients who are undergoing next-generation sequencing for their
tumors and patients who are going to be eligible for our clinical trials.
So the benefit of precision medicine is that a precision medicine is targeted
towards a particular mutation in a tumor, and clinical trials have shown that if
you have one of these particular mutations, not only will the drug work
better, you’ll have less side effects, so there’s no question that they’re better.
Unfortunately, not everybody has a mutation that we have a drug for, but
that’s really what we’re working on with our research. So advanced medicine to me
is everything that we’re doing–bringing precision medicine to the Commonwealth
of Kentucky is the most advanced medicine that we have right now, and the
research that we’re doing is is trying to further advanced medicine, and finally
we have clinical trials that are available from the National Cancer
Institute. And again, those are not available to anybody else in the state,
so those are very, very advanced precision medicine trials. My research is
is focused on trying to find new drugs to treat cancer. What we do is we study
drugs in the laboratory, and we look at a particular mutation and look at
different drugs that try to target that mutation and see which drug is going to
be most effective for a particular mutation. For a clinician to
refer a patient to the precision medicine center, just please visit the
Markey Cancer Center website under “refer a patient.”

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