Jesus Came to My Hospital Bed & Healed Me Instantly! | Tommy Combs

Is there a supernatural
dimension, a world beyond the one we know? Is there life after death? Do angels exist? Can our dreams contain messages
from Heaven? Can we tap into ancient secrets
of the supernatural? Are healing miracles real? Sid Roth has spent over 35 years
researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of
It’s Supernatural! [Applause] Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s
naturally supernatural. The devil, I’m putting you on
notice, he already knows it, is in fear
and trembling when a believer understands the power, the blood
of Jesus, the power of pleading the blood
of Jesus, I tell you, every knee must bow
at the name of Jesus and the devil himself is overcome by the
Blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony. [Applause] Thousands have been healed,
blind can see, deaf can hear, hearts have been
restored, cancer, 57 Stage 4 cancers
healed. What does Stage 4 mean? Tommy Combs: Stage 4 cancer is
the end of the cancerous situation in your life where the
cancer has really taken your body and no more chemo, no more
radiation. They actually give you limits
like one week, ten days, two months to live. That is Stage 4. Sid: But you say you attribute
all of these miracles to understanding the blood of
Jesus. Tommy Combs: Understanding the
blood of Jesus and how to apply the blood. Sid: Now you started as a young
child, you remember, what did your
grandmother, you said your grandmother would
plead the blood. What do you remember? Tommy Combs: I remember as a
young boy going to Grandma’s house. I loved it. I loved to go to church with
her. I loved to praise and worship
with her. She would walk through her house
pleading the blood. She would not let us leave home
without praying for us and pleading the blood over us. She would not let us go to bed
at night without praying for us and pleading the blood. And she taught us. Now listen, we didn’t sit on the
couch and prayed, we knelt and prayed. Sid: Why don’t you plead the
blood over the people right now the way your grandmother would. Tommy Combs: Lord, I come right
now to plead the blood of Jesus. I use that name of Jesus,
anybody that needs healing today to start pleading the blood of
Jesus, command that disease to leave
your body in the name of Jesus and by the blood of Jesus. Financial blessings come to you
today when you plead the blood of Jesus. The devil runs, he hates it when
you plead the blood. He fears you when you plead the
blood of Jesus. Demons will leave you alone. You will never have them come on
your property ever again when you plead the blood of Jesus. I tell you, we’ve got to use it
more and more, and more. Sid: You had a revelation on the
39 stripes of Jesus, which is they did 39 because I
think they believed 40, the person might die. But tell me about the 39
stripes. Tommy Combs: Thirty-nine
stripes, they did 40 minus one, that was
the normal tradition of the Roman beating that they did to
the prisoners and Jesus took the 39th stripe. Every stripe, there are 39 major
diseases in the world today, cancer being one of them, and
Jesus took that stripe for you and for me. Every stripe he took on the back
brought blood from him, so I wanted to teach the blood. I wanted to teach on the blood,
how to apply the blood, how the blood will work just
like it worked centuries ago, and is still working today. I’m talking about today when I
pray for people, I never, never leave them
without pleading the blood over them Sid: And most people think,
well you plead the blood for sickness, but you plead the
blood for every problem known to man. Tommy Combs: Not only salvation,
not only healing, not only deliverance, but peace,
sanctification, righteousness, financial
blessings over your family, over every aspect of your life
plead the blood of Jesus. Plead the blood over decisions
you’ve got to make about finances. Plead the blood of Jesus over
the situation. Decisions in your marriage,
plead the blood of Jesus over that marriage. Plead of Jesus over children and
grandchildren, like my grandmother used to do
with me, liked to, my mother taught me,
plead the blood of Jesus. And I’m into that. I’m going to plead the blood. When I come to your church I’m
going to plead the blood. Today I’m going to plead the
blood of Jesus. Thousands healed, demons run
when we plead the blood of Jesus. [Applause] Sid: Tell me about a
ten-year-old Tommy Combs who has hepatitis C. What was the prognosis for you? Tommy Combs: Don’t know how it
happened, still to this day don’t know how
that happened to my body. The enemy attacked my body at
age ten. I was diagnosed with hepatitis C
and went to the hospital on a Thursday night. Got there, they examined me,
they come out and told my mom and dad, “He should have been
here months ago. Hepatitis C has destroyed his
liver. Your son will die in a week. Your son will die in eight, nine
days. Nothing we can do.” Sid: I’m glad you had a praying
grandmother that knew. Tommy Combs: Grandmother had a
mother that knew. So that was Thursday night. They put me in a room in the
hospital and on Sunday morning, you remember this, Sid, Oral
Roberts came on television. Sid: “Something good is going to
happen to you.” He used to say that every time. Tommy Combs: Every time. Sid: You know what, something
good happened to you. Tommy Combs: Yes it did,
something good happened to me. And during that program he would
put his hand up and nothing was on the TV screen except Oral
Roberts’ hand. And the camera would zoom in on
his hand, and he would say, “If you need a
healing, touch your television.” Sid: You know, today that sounds
so hokey, but guess what? If someone has Stage 4 cancer
and they’ll be healed, just before we go off the air,
will you hold your hand up to the camera. Tommy Combs: Yes. Sid: And if you will touch his
hand, whether it’s Stage 4 cancer or
your wife has just left you for another man, or your kids are on
drugs, whatever it is, I’m going to
believe that’s going to be your point of contact. So Oral Roberts is on TV. What happened? Tommy Combs: My mother puts her
hand on the TV, a little black and white TV
sitting beside the bed, mother touches it, reaches her
other hand to my stomach and says these words: “God, heal my
boy and I’ll give him to you.” If you don’t know where that is,
that is First Samuel, Chapter 1. Sid: I know. I read that two days ago. Tommy Combs: Hannah said, “Give
me a man child.” Samuel was born out of that
prayer. Instantly when my mother prayed
that prayer, the power of God, and my mother
pleaded the blood now, I don’t leave that out. My mother prays, my grandmother
prays and they plead the blood. Instantly, the power of God came
into my hospital room. It rolled in like a blue mist. I can remember it like
yesterday, Sid. I remember the blue mist rolling
into the room. It was so powerful it knocked my
grandmother to one side of the bed, my mother to the other side
of the bed on the floor. I raised up and looked like
this. My mother and my grandmother are
gone. Jesus walked back up to the
bottom of my bed, walked right up through that
blue mist and to the bottom of my bed. I saw it. I can describe him to you. I see him today just as vividly
as I saw him as a ten-year-old boy on that bed, lying there,
dying sick, walked up to my bed. I got a brand new liver in one
second, one second healed by the blood
of Jesus Christ. And I feel that same anointing
today right here on the set as I felt that day when Jesus came
into the room with me. There are healings going to take
place today. There are healings going to take
place. Get ready for it. Miracles are going to happen. [Applause] Sid: I have to ask you, how did
the doctor or the nurses react? I mean, they were ready to ship
you off to the grave. Tommy Combs: The nurse comes,
she don’t know what’s happening. She calls the doctor. The doctor come in, he calls his
other assistant doctors. So I got four or five doctors
around me. They look at me, they give me a
blood test, I have absolutely no hepatitis
in my bloodstream. My liver is totally clean,
healed, perfectly healed by the power of
God. The doctor says to my mother and
grandmother, “God has healed your son.” Sid: When we come back, let’s
see what the blood of Jesus does with a dead woman in Peru. Be right back. [Applause] We’ll be right back to It’s
Supernatural! We now return to It’s
Supernatural! [Applause] Sid: Did you know that there is
such wonder working power in the blood of Jesus, there is
supernatural protection. Explain, Tommy. Tommy Combs: There is
supernatural protection. You remember the covenant and
the blood covenant put the blood on the door post? They say we can do that today? We need to do that today. It should be done today as we go
through our home pleading the blood of Jesus over the
protection of our home, over the protection of our
properties, over the protection of our
business. God will do that. He would honor that. Not only is there salvation,
healing and deliverance in the blood, but there is supernatural
protection for you, your family, your business
because of the blood of Jesus. And I pray that. I pray supernatural protection
over the properties. Let me tell you want I’ve done. I’ve took oil and put it on the
bottom of my shoes, my old work boots. Sid: So therefore, every place
you put your foot, devil, you’re not, just like the
blood at Passover, the Angel of Death couldn’t even
go into the Jewish homes. Tommy Combs: You’re not allowed
into this property. The angel did not go into that
property simply because of the blood. Same thing, put oil on your old
work boots and walk your property line, and stomp your
foot, and say, “Devil, you can’t come
on this property.” But angels can come on this
property. Sickness can’t come on this
property, but healing can come on this
property. Sid: I’ll tell you what, after
this show, you know what I’m gonna do,
Tommy. I’m going to put oil on my shoe
and the blood of Jesus I’m going to apply, and I’m reminded what
God said to Joshua: “Every place you put your foot I’m giving
you…” Tommy Combs: Amen. Sid: “ the promised land.” How about in the promises of
God, every place you put your foot,
the promises of God are going to be there. You tell me the devil hates
Isaiah 53:5. Tommy Combs: “By his stripes we
are healed.” It says “are healed”, not should
be, not could be, not might be, but
healed by the blood of Jesus Christ, by the stripes. I did the 39 stripes for the 39
stripes Jesus took for us and every stripe for the healing
power of Jesus Christ in our lives, and it’s part of our
lives, should be part of our lives. We say, now you’ve tried this,
we’ve tried this, we’ve gone here, we’ve done
that, we’ve read that, we’ve done
that. It’s time to plead the blood. It’s time to plead the blood. It’s got to get to that point in
our lives that we go back to pleading the blood of Jesus and
sing the old songs. There’s power in the blood,
wonder working power in the blood. Sid: The dead are raised by the
blood of Jesus. Tell me just one, a woman in
Peru. This is amazing. Tommy Combs: Doing a trip into
Peru in a stadium, had about 15,000 people there
every night, praying for people, had 3000
saved in that trip into Iquitos, Peru, the jungle
city of Peru, about 500,000 people live there deep in the
jungle. So a lady had died about four
p.m. that afternoon and, most of the
time they would bury them the next morning or late that
afternoon. But the husband of that lady and
her son bring her to the meeting. Now I didn’t know she was there. Sid: Right. Tommy Combs: I’m doing the
preaching on the stage and so forth. Sid: They bring the corpse. Tommy Combs: They bring the
corpse on a cot, a homemade cot, and they lay her
in the back of the room at the stadium. She’s in the stadium there. I had no idea. So they get there about six p.m. and she stays there until 10:30. At 10:30, I’m ending the prayer
line where I’m praying for people and God is doing
miracles. I like to call them popcorn
miracles because they happen so fast, just like this, a miracle
will happen. And they bring this lady to me
and I say, “What’s wrong with this lady?” And the answer was, “She’s
dead.” I said, “Sir, repeat that to me,
please.” “She’s dead.” And I asked the daddy and the
son, “Why would you bring your dead
mother to me?” And they said this. Man: So God can raise her up. Tommy Combs: That’s the faith of
the daddy and the faith of the son that God is going to raise
their mama, God is going to raise my wife
from the dead. I knelt beside her and began to
pray. I anoint her, pray for her. I take authority over death. Now you can do that. You can absolutely take
authority over death. I take authority over death in
the name of Jesus, not in my name, but in the name
of Jesus, take authority over death. I plead the blood of Jesus right
now, and I blew in her face. Just blew in her face. And she opened eyes, and when
she opened her eyes I just took her by her hand and raised her
up. She sat up. And I said, “Well if you’re
gonna sit up, just stand up.” And I’m telling you, we had
church until midnight. God, I can take you to her home. I’ve had lunch with this lady in
her home right now in Iquitos, Peru. We can go there and visit her. She’s alive today. Jesus is still raising the dead
because we plead the blood. [Applause] Sid: Jesus said, “You will do,”
you, that’s why you’re watching. I want you to be healed. I want you to pray for the sick. It’s not the people on TV, it’s
the people that have Jesus inside of themselves. You qualify if Jesus is your
Messiah and Lord. When we come back, Tommy used a
phrase, I understand it, “popcorn
miracles”, meaning there will be so many
miracles you can’t keep track, pop, pop, pop like the popcorn. I’m going to have him pray for
you when we come back. [Applause] We’ll be right back to It’s
Supernatural! We now return to It’s
Supernatural! [Applause] Sid: Tommy, you say it’s
important in your home wherever you are to not just talk about
the blood of Jesus, but sing about it. There’s something very powerful
about singing. Tommy Combs: Your words are
powerful. Words are powerful. You can bless me with your words
or you can curse me with your words. But my own ears have to hear the
words and the best way I know to do that is to sing about the
blood of Jesus. Sid: Give me just a snippet. I know you’re not a singer, but
sing. Tommy Combs: What can wash away
my sins, nothing but the blood of Jesus. Sid: That’s not singing. Tommy Combs: I know. What can make me whole again,
nothing but the blood of Jesus. Sid [singing]: What can wash
away my sins. [talking] I’d rather sing it. Tommy Combs [singing]: Nothing
but the blood of Jesus. Sid: See, if you can do it, if I
can do it, you can do it. And if you can only see what’s
going on in the invisible realm when you do that. Tommy, tell me about other areas
where you apply the blood, like finances. Tommy Combs: Financial
blessings, take your checkbook, lay it on
your table. You and your wife come in
agreement, that’s powerful agreement
prayers, and plead the blood of Jesus
over your money situations. Before you make a financial
decision, pray about it and plead the
blood of Jesus over it. Use some wisdom and let God lead
and guide you on that situation. I had a young man come to me and
said I need some help financially, and we prayed for
him. And I told him there would be
three distinct areas in your life that’s going to happen in
the next two weeks. He was a retired military from
the Iraq war. Number one, he was hurt in the
war. He got his military pension. Number two, his wife went back
to work with a better job with more benefits, and number three,
he got his Social Security Disability that he had been
trying to get for two years. All three happened within a
two-week period because I told him start pleading the blood
over your financial situation, and God did those miracles. Don’t forget that. Yes, healing, yes, salvation,
yes, children, yes, grandchildren,
yes, we’re going to plead the blood. Don’t forget financial miracles
when you plead the blood of Jesus. Sid: But you know what the
greatest thing the blood of Jesus does, without the setting
of blood there is no forgiveness of sin. None. Talk about that. Tommy Combs: The blood of Jesus,
without that there’s nothing happening in our life. Eternal life we can have when we
accept Jesus Christ as our personal savior. Sid: How about you? Have you accepted Jesus as your
Messiah and Lord? You know, Jesus puts it this
way: This is eternal life that you might have experiential
knowledge of me. Say this prayer and mean it, out
loud. Dear Jesus. Tommy Combs: Dear Jesus. Sid: Thank you for your blood. Tommy Combs: Thank you for your
blood. Sid: Thank you, Jesus. Tommy Combs: Thank you, Jesus. Sid: That my sins are washed
away. Tommy Combs: That my sins are
washed away. Sid: There is total forgiveness. Tommy Combs: There is total
forgiveness. Sid: It’s a new future. Tommy Combs: It’s a new future. Sid: It’s the first day of the
rest of my life. Tommy Combs: It’s the first day
of the rest of my life. Sid: Jesus, come inside of me. Tommy Combs: Jesus, come inside
of me. Sid: And become my Lord and
Savior. Tommy Combs: And become my Lord
and Savior. Sid: I love, Jesus. Tommy Combs: I love you, Jesus. Sid: I want experiential
knowledge of you. Tommy Combs: I want experiential
knowledge of you. Sid: Amen. Tommy Combs: Amen. Sid: And now I commission you to
pray as God tells you, applying the blood of Jesus,
cancers, they are going to flee. That means run as in terror. And remember to put your hand up
just as Oral did and think about the healing you had. Tommy Combs: Amen. Lord, we come to you today, and
we thank you and we praise you for everything we have or hope
to have, and we plead the blood. Those of you that are watching
today need a healing in your life, if you can’t touch your TV
screen, just point your hand toward the
TV screen right now. And I plead the blood of Jesus. Cancer, you got to go in Jesus’
name. I take authority over cancer. Leukemia, you got to go in
Jesus’ name. Heartbeats, the rhythm of your
heart is getting healed right now in the name of Jesus. I see it happening. Migraines are disappearing. Sciatic nerves are getting
healed in backs, and that’s a thousand people are
getting healed of sciatic in your back right now. That’s because I’m pleading the
blood of Jesus. Someone cannot make tears. You got dry eye. God is healing you and you will
make tears this very day when I plead the blood of Jesus over
you and that healing is taking place. Acid reflux is getting healed
right now and many of you are getting healed right now. Receive it today. Point your hand toward my hand
in the name of Jesus, and by the blood of Jesus, say
this, I receive my healing. Sid: I receive my healing. Tommy Combs: I am healed. Sid: I am healed. Tommy Combs: I am delivered. Sid: I am delivered. Tommy Combs: I am set free. Sid: I am set free. Tommy Combs: By the blood of
Jesus. Sid: By the blood of Jesus. Tommy Combs: And in the name of
Jesus. Sid: And in the name of Jesus. Tommy Combs: I receive it in
Jesus’ name. Sid: I receive it. Amen. Tommy Combs: Amen. Sid: Next week on It’s
Supernatural! Shawn Morris: Hello. I’m Shawn Morris. I was a drug dealer. I was a thief. I was a murderer. But when I ran head on into the
Glory of God, I became a glory chaser. Join me on the next It’s
Supernatural with Sid Roth and learn proven principles on how
to tap into the Glory of God. Won’t you join us. ♪♪

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  23. Empowering and Encouraging. Likewise, I'm reminded of the blood of Abel that cried out from the ground. God heard the cry of the blood of Abel [Genesis 4:10 KJV]. However, the Precious Blood of Jesus: Exodus 12:13, 1 Peter 1:19, 1 John 1:6-8, [Leviticus 17:11,14, 12:23], Revelation 1:5, Hebrews 9:14, Hebrews 13:12, etc., I plead the Blood of Jesus over My Life, residence, family, properties, finances, possessions of my stewardship, every financial and monitory accounts, the cancellation of all financial debts and obligations with a balance; supernatural healing, optimal health, and divine recovery; family healing and unity; expedient recovery, revival, resurrection of financial stability, wholeness, wellness, and protected, covered, and sealed wealth along with divine prosperity. In the name of Jesus. Amen

  24. I plead the blood of Jesus Christ for addictions to leave me, for any and all spiritual darkness to leave me. I plead the blood of Jesus Christ for my son to be healed of seizures.

  25. Jesus will be coming soon! I know because I saw him just minutes ago in my telescope…he's out by Saturn and he is sweating, quivering and breathing real fast. Couldn't tell who was blowing him but it sure looked like Jerry Foulball or maybe Anal Roberts.

  26. I plead the legal BLOOD of JESUS over my life, health, families, husband, children, ministry, job, finances, marriage, and everything connected to me, in the name of JESUS Christ!!! Amen👏

  27. Yes jesus is wonderfulll ! He healed me from hepatite c in My dreams I saw the light of jesus divine shining like the sun such love Joy peace I feltt !! Thats amaizing grace !!!Jesus is lord !

  28. Jesus didn't charge people for his teachings!!!
    You haven't learned a thing from being on this program, from listening to these people!!!
    Everything is only about money, money and money!!!!
    Jesus didn't ask for "donations" of $18 for an episode of this program.
    Can someone explain this to me?
    Surely, it's not only me he can see what's going on. :((((((((

  29. Thank God for today message, it just for me and i am saved healed and delivered totally in Jesus mighty name.Shalom

  30. I feel Gods presence watching this show, the Holy Spirit is amazing.
    God is awesome, i pray those watching are blessed, healed and feel His touch in Jesus name

  31. If the guy that visited him looked like that long-haired hippie on this video, He wasn't Jesus.
    Jesus says it's a "shame" for a man to have long hair.
    1 Corinthians 11:14 "Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him"?
    There are hundreds of references to Jesus in the Old Testament.
    Song of Solomon tells you what Jesus looks like.
    "His hair is bushy, and black as a raven".
    Jesus has bushy black hair.
    SOS also says He has "ruddy" skin. (kinda like a red head does)
    He resembles David. Or David resembles Him.
    The long-haired hippie Jesus is a cat holic cult lie.
    The cat holic whore hates Jesus.

  32. I plead the blood of Jesus over everything 🙌 life right now 🙌 the mighty name of Jesus 🙌 plead the blood of Jesus christ over my body right now 😢 the mighty name of Jesus amen! 🙌

  33. I've lived most of my life around people who have mocked people who pray to Jesus and those who blame the devil bad things, but those people don't have very happy lives. I'm ignoring those people, atheists and agnostics, now. I always prayed in secret but now I'm glad to meet others here who also pray,

  34. Yes I believe it because I was in a terrible car accident Jesus come in my hospital room he heals me completely from every broken bone glory to God thank you 🙏🏽 lord.

  35. I hope to experience that personal encounter with Jesus Christ…
    I know he will heal me i believe and i have faith To JESUS CHRIST!!!

  36. demon issues or some kind of possesion that is/was on me a few months back.
    i tell you in pain from demons i was tortured…calling all the while out for help and praying and begging.
    Jesus and angels stood at the end of my bed..yet i got no help..i saw it with my own eyes..
    for many months i still dont get help..
    yet all the stories on sid roth talks of unbelievers and atheists and sick people praying to immediate effect ..they werent even believers..

    this is very questionable.

    tells me God chooses who to heal…
    evil lpeople and unbelievers get favoured these days it seems

    pleade the blood of Jesus surely doesnt make these demons run…i tell you that

  37. interesting…my little baby boy died in my arms..i cried 10 000 tears.
    so i got pastor and church and the mother went to hospital to raise him..
    because i believed all my life..there was something following me around was a good spirit.

    so we prayed and nothing happened..i cried so much that i started speaking in tongues ..we kept praying..
    nothing happened..
    i guess only the will of God to show off or proove a point works.
    or he loves others more

    feels like God killed my heart that day

  38. Jesus came to the hospital? Hahahaha. Lol. That's the most funniest thing I ever heard. ALL THE FOOLS WHO BELIEVE IN THIS VIDEO, WHEN WILL YOU ALL USE YOUR BRAINS? Come on people

  39. Thank you thank you, yes I plead the blood and the protection of Jesus Christ all over me, my family, my finances and in all my affairs in Jesus Christ name, thank you amen 🙏 Sid Roth for this channel. Oh yes tonight right now, I am healed by HIS strives, amen 🙏.

  40. There is power in the blood of Jesus Christ, I receive it, I agree, I believe and I am healed by this precious blood of the King, amen 🙏.

  41. I am not worthy to receive father Elohim, but I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ your holly only begotten son, to boldly cover myself with the blood of Jesus. Let the same blood be covered all sicks and lost children of yours around the world. In jesus Christ name, Amen!!

  42. I apply and plead the blood of Jesus Christ in my brain,numbness body,vibration on my right hand side and inside my body and Jesus Christ to protect my family against the devil amen

  43. Years ago, Rheinard Bonnke was here in the Western Cape of South Africa. We used to sing "I stay right under the Blood, I stay right under the Blood, I stay right under the Blood, where the devil can do me no harm. No harm, no harm, no harm, where the devil can do me no harm."

  44. I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over my sister Goret who is battling with evil spiritual attacks. By his stripes we are healed and the devil has no power over her in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ

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