Jessica McNally, MD, Ophthalmologist – Berlin, VT, The UVM Medical Center

Hi, my name is Jessica McNally and I’m a
comprehensive ophthalmologist. I think of being a comprehensive
ophthalmologist as being a primary care provider for the eye, which fits in with
my original thought of going into medicine which was taking care of the
whole person in this case as an ophthalmologist and as a comprehensivist,
I can take care of the whole eye, the way a primary care doctor would take
care of someone whole body. Most rewarding to me about what I do is being able to explain to patients what’s going on with them. We always see patients who come in who’ve been told that they have certain illnesses or conditions and no matter
how many times, you know, they’ve been seen, often times they still don’t have a
great understanding of what it is that we’re talking about and I find that if I
sit down and spend five minutes with a drawing or a diagram or a model and just
have them sort of understand an eye and the anatomy of an eye and how that
correlates to whatever condition they have, they can leave with a better
understanding of what they have and for me that’s a great
accomplishment. you

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