Jessica King, PA, Orthopedics – South Burlington, VT, The UVM Medical Center

– Hi, I’m Jessica King. I’m an Orthopedic Physician Assistant. I truly believe that we’re, I mean we exist as an
organization because of patients. We get to work everyday because we have patients to take care of. I think that all of our
decisions throughout the day should be based on is this
what’s best for the patient. Problems can be scary, especially if it’s
something that’s hurting, or if it’s something that
is getting in the way of your job or your daily activities. So I really like the part of my job where I can sit down with someone
and take away some of that fear that they may have about their problem. And that way it makes it easier to move forward and talk about, well these are the things that we can do to make you feel better.

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