Jesse Myers, Physician Assistant from Internal Medicine

Originally from Salisbury, North Carolina.
It’s little town right above Charlotte. Went to Liberty University up in
Virginia for undergraduate training and East Carolina University in Greenville
for graduate training in physician assistant studies. Actually completed my
clinicals for physician assistant studies down here in Wilmington and
that’s when I really fell in love with the area. Physician assistant,
it was actually started in 1971 at Duke University and it was for a marine
corpsman coming back from overseas so that they had a workplace when they came
back because they had all this training and there wasn’t really a spot for them
and with the growing need in primary care the shortage of Doc’s the physician
assistant has helped that that role a lot. We work in conjunction with medical
doctors to provide care. We can order tests and evaluate, provide pretty much all
primary care needs. A huge part of internal medicine is preventive care. So
we want to make sure everyone’s up to date on there any screening tests and we
want to make sure that they’re living a healthy lifestyle so they can live a
long and happy lives. In addition to that any chronic conditions they may have, we
make sure they’re up to date on treatment with that with the latest
evidence-based medicine and making sure that they’re they’re taken care of. I love getting outside, working out, going to the beach of course, being a beach
town, try to stay active as possible so that I can enjoy delicious food. Me and
my wife love going to local areas, local spots, to enjoy good food and cooking
ourselves as well.

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