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There’s so many beautiful places
in the world with unique things… …but I’d always come home and
Whistler is such a beautiful spot. I just like the vastness
of the terrain up there. It does make you feel free. You know, I just feel at home. – He plays like he rides. Fast, right? – We kind of dragged
him into the sport… …whether he wanted to do it or not. And then he took it from there. The real breakthrough period… …was when he went from us
having to twist his arm with… …promises of ice cream
to finish a long ride… …to him wanting to go
out and do the training. My wife and I think we’re
really lucky as parents… …that both boys liked to
do what we wanted to do… …and that became the family sport. – My mom took me to every race,
every hockey game when I was a kid. I’m very lucky that I have people
so close to me that support me. – The main thing now
that I’m retired… …it’s all about biking. And I like trail-building
as much as anything… …just being out in the forest. It gives a break from… Can’t ride seven days a week… …I suppose I could, but… – So he used to be a stonemason
and he loves working with rock. He really enjoys the challenge… …of finding the pieces of rock
and putting them together… …and making something smooth with rock. – Almost did it again! – Here’s where I used
to come to de-stress… …from the Mayor’s chair. Pretty stressful last
couple of years… …and I’d come here after work… …leave the office, come
here, and place rocks. My dad was on the council for
13 years before being Mayor. And he was always just,
the Melamed in the paper. And more recently, I’ve
taken over that role… …of being the Melamed in the paper. Whistler’s full of shredders
that you don’t even know… …and the Phat Wednesdays
kind of bring them all out. The beers I’m waiting to buy. Phat Wednesdays have
just given me a platform… …to test my speed every
week and it’s a good test. It scares me which is always good. Pushing, I just want to push
farther, I just want to go faster… …it’s just that, like,
‘how fast can you go?’ Me, now, doing well… …I don’t really know exactly what it is. I’ve just been doing the same process… …training hard, working hard. Gotta get into it and
just riding my bike. It’s been working out… …which is nice for as long as it lasts. – It’s just blowing me
away how hard he’s worked… …how dedicated he is to the sport,
how gracious he is. It couldn’t happen
to a nicer guy. – I’m totally proud of him. Sometimes I go: ‘Oh, my God.
He’s top 10 in the world.’ – I was very fortunate my parents
chose to raise their kids here… …and stay here. This has just always
been my home.

19 thoughts on “Jesse Melamed – This Is Home | SHIMANO

  1. Jesse is the man. I love his style and raw speed. Keep up the great work Jesse. Sending healing vibes your way.

  2. Amazing video! Jesse, please whisper in Smith's ear that I need a squall Forefront 2 in my life ASAP! 🤙

  3. Jesse…this is so cool! What an achievement to ride like that! I knew your grandparents Andy and Lanie…they would be so proud!

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