Jennifer Wilson, Macmillan Lung Cancer Nurse Specialist

My name is Jennifer Wilson and I’m a Macmillan
Lung Cancer Nurse Specialist. I’m a hospital-based nurse in NHS Forth
Valley and my role is to co-ordinate the patient journey from diagnosis to end-of-life where
appropriate. The lung cancer nurse should be present when
the patient is receiving bad news at their first consultation with the consultant and
then we follow the patient through each stage of their journey through their treatment,
talking through chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, whatever the patient might be receiving.
We are also present when patients are admitted to hospital and we manage symptoms and we
organise care setting and we discuss end-of-life if that is appropriate. November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month and there are a few symptoms that patients should
look out for because the earlier we can diagnose lung cancer, the better the treatment options.
The symptoms to look out for are a cough that is changing, shortness of breath, blood in
your spit, unexplained weight loss or fatigue. All of these symptoms may not necessarily
be directly related to lung cancer but it’s important to seek advice from your GP to get
these checked out. Lung cancer remains the biggest killer of
women in the UK and this is directly related to their smoking history so the one thing
that you could do to reduce your risk is to quit smoking.

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