Jennifer Orozco, PA-C – Rush University Medical Center

Throughout your body, you have arteries and
veins. And sometimes you can have blockages in either
the artery or the vein, or you can also have what’s known as expansion — or an aneurysm
— in the artery or the vein. And those are the conditions that we look
at with patients and those are the things that we can fix —and there’s lots of different
ways to fix those. I’ve had patients that I’ve seen 10, 15
years now. We follow them, we monitor them, we’ve done
bypass surgery on them or an aneurysm surgery or even a carotid surgery — those are people
we continue to follow because there’s many things that can affect their condition as
time goes on. Once they’re at a good state, they maybe
come back once a year, but we continue to monitor them throughout their life. We offer a lot of minimally invasive treatments. Many years ago, you had to go the operating
room, you were out of work several weeks to fix painful varicose veins that you had. And now we can fix your varicose veins in
the outpatient setting. You come into the office, you’re there about
an hour or two, we fix your veins and you walk right out the door and by Monday morning
you’re back to what you’re doing. And I think people are really shocked about
how good they feel after that and the fact that they really are able to go back to work
within a day or two — and back to their normal activities.

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