Jeffrey Richards, DO – Family Medicine Physician in Jefferson, Iowa | McFarland Clinic

Hi, my name is Jeff Richards, and I’m a board-certified
family medicine physician. And I started with McFarland Clinic in 2019, and I practice in
McFarland’s Jefferson, Iowa clinic. I chose Family Medicine because I wanted to be able
to see patients of all ages, everything from as young two days old all the way to 102 years
of age and older and everyone in between. And also to be able to take care of any kind
of ailment that could come my way, from a sore throat to helping to manage hypertension,
diabetes and certainly things such as mental health, anxiety and depression, and again anything
in between. Some of the services that I provide would certainly include yearly well exams
for both children and adults. And during those exams would include discussing the necessary screenings, the immunizations that the patient would need. I like to spend a lot of time discussing the
patient’s health goals and talking about diet and education of a healthy lifestyle with
diet and exercise. Typically the first time I see a patient, I’m certainly going to spend
plenty of time to get to know them. I want to get to the know the patient, I want to
get to know what their health issues and concerns are, I want to know what their health goals
are, I want to understand where they want to be and where they are and to try to let
them know that we’re going to be working as a team to take care of their health. The thing I
find rewarding about being a family medicine physician is the opportunity to build relationships
with my patients, not only my patients but their families as well. And to care of them
and get to see them, over time, develop a trust in me that they’ll know that I’m going
to be able to care for them and take the time to get to know them and treat them so that
we’re a team and their health can be the best that it can be. Extraordinary Care, Every
Day to me certainly means I’m not going to meet my patients expectations, but I’m going
to exceed them. I’m going to take the time to listen and to know what it is that they’re
dealing with at that time and go above and beyond each and every visit that I see them.

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