Jeffrey Johnson’s Success Story: Part 2 | Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital

Hi, my name is Jeff Johnson, and I have been at Ballard, down the hill, after I had my stroke in December. I went there and I was taught things to help
take care of myself, and then I progressed to outpatient Ballard here in the high desert. And here at the high desert facility I’ve learned
how to tie my shoe –I never thought I’d tie my shoe– I even cut my own food, I can walk without my walker, and I can clean the house. I’m like the 70’s commercials, 🎵 I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan🎵. So he’s going for the big coins first, and he is practicing pinching and palming, getting it into the palm of his hands. And this is really good because he has to use– every finger is doing something different all at the same time so it’s not just a gross
movement. He’s really doing good on this. He actually practiced putting seeds down on
a towel like this because he was helping with gardening. So he can do the heavy stuff, picking up the
bags of soil, and he can also help with the seeds. Alright good job Jeff! This is Jeff Johnson. He is standing nicely with both feet,
he’s using both arms. You probably can’t even tell which arm was
affected by his stroke. See how he’s changing the direction right here? His left arm is actually the weaker one,
but he’s using them equally. We’re also working on handshakes and hand
channeling manipulation in the other room, which I see.

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