Jeffrey Dikis, DPM – Podiatrist in Marshalltown, Iowa | McFarland Clinic

Hi, my name is Jeff Dikis. I’m a podiatrist, foot and ankle surgeon. I joined McFarland Clinic in 2019 in the Marshalltown
office. I chose to go into podiatry initially because
I had an interest in sports injuries. Growing up I played sports and was very
interested in sports, which drew me to an interest in the field. As I began to learn more about the field of
podiatry, I realized that it was more than just about sports injuries. People were dealing with all kinds of issues
from everyday heel pain to injuries, trauma, fractures, and I would be able to make a difference
for them in their daily life. I’ve had quite a few patients tell me that
when their feet hurt, their whole body hurts, so to be able to do something to help them
from the foot up is very rewarding for me to be able to difference that I make every
day. As a podiatrist I perform both surgical and
non-surgical treatment of the foot and ankle. That can range from an ingrown toenail to
a complex reconstructive deformity of the foot and ankle, trauma, sports injuries and
everything in between. So when a patient comes in for their first
visit, it usually starts with an x-ray to identify any potential abnormalities on the
bone structure. We move on to a physical exam and a detailed
patient history. As important as the physical exam is to identify
where the problem is and what it feels like, is the patient discussion to try to figure
out how long has it hurt them, where does it hurt, what does it feel like. The difference between a burning sensation
and a sharp pain can change the diagnosis. So there’s a full workup from that standpoint. The most rewarding part of my job is to see
the improvement in people as they change from one visit to the next. Whether they come with certain pain or they
have a fracture that I can operate on, to see them from each visit to improve and have
them come in and say, “Hey doc, I have my regular shoe on,” and “Hey I’m back to work
and I’m back to my activities that I like to do, running and taking care of my kids.” That’s rewarding for me, to be able
to see that and know that I made a difference for them. So Extraordinary Care means going above and
beyond and taking time to listen to the patients concerns and spending enough time with them
to formulate and accurate diagnosis so that I’m able to identify what the issue is and
provide accurate treatment for them.

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