Jawaun Wynn – 2015 URI Graduating Senior

I love football. I started at the age of 7. I love the thrill that it gives me. I love the nature of the game, where you come together with people. I just really like the competitive nature of the game. I was a transfer from Rutgers University. I transferred because the coaches wanted to change my position, from wide receiver to defensive end. My defensive end coach had contacted the head coach at Rhode Island said he was a nice guy, recommended me to him. So I transferred to URI. I’m going to graduate with a degree in criminology. I’m actually taking prerequisites to get into PA school as well. PA is Physician Assistant School. I like considering it Physician Associate. I don’t like being considered an assistant. Ever since from a young age, I always wanted to help people. I love science, I love how the body works. Also at the age of 15 I was diagnosed with hypertension. So I was in a hospital back and forth. And as I was in the hospital, I was able to talk to different health professionals and learn what they do. I actually love what they do. What I like best about being at URI is the support that I have from my advisors, coaches, students that are here. Everybody is really nice. They help me out if I need any help. I will actually miss one of my best friends, Kolt Peavey because he’s staying, he has one semester left. I’m really going to miss my friends here, my other friends on the team, etc. So I’m really going to miss that. I was honored as the Scholar Athlete of the week, I was honored on November 22nd. At the men’s basketball game at half time. That was a very good moment for me. My parents drove up for that. Presenter: Without further ado, I’d like to present the Estes Benson Award to Jawaun Wynn. The Benson Award, I receive this because I had the highest GPA out of black male seniors for 2014. Playing football, you have to know every detail of every game. A lot of people take that for granted. They actually think that it’s easy to just run around. And you actually have to pay attention to the details. So when you pay attention to details, you apply that to school. It’s hard but it says something when you’re a student that works hard in the classroom and still produces on the football field.

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