Jatin Bidani, MD – Largo Medical Center

– I was five years old and at
that time, you know, we were, my mother had some medical
issues and stuff, so that, and from family
encouragement I was really, had visits to hospitals and doctors and that, I was in awe of
the medical specialties since I was a little kid. I loved the sciences. I grew up in a town there’s
a lot of flora and fauna, so I got interested in biology, I was decided to become a
doctor at a very young age, and I pursued by dream. I’ve been out of medical
school for about 26 years, so, you know, we have seen
all aspects of healthcare. Gastroenterology is a very
vast field, so we deal with people has a with colon cancer,
we deal with patients with a acid reflux disease who are
sometimes have such severe reflux that can barely
talk, speak, or sing. Debilitating hemorrhoids, you
know, we can treat that in our practice, taking out
stones from bile ducts in a patient who’s septic, seeing a patient and follow up after they’ve had a liver transplant. We spend a lot of effort in education, from regarding diet
and health maintenance, so in the long run they
have a much better outcome. The best part in gastroenterology
is eliminating colon cancer, and I’m passionate about that. We have, you can save lives. Colon cancer death rates in
America have gone down by 70% since colonoscopies were introduced as a screening procedure. So to see somebody who can be saved from colon cancer just by a simple colonoscopy, is very rewarding and patients can go about
their normal life the next day. Largo Medical Center is
awesome, the staff is very responsive, the administration
is very responsive, and I have been, I used
to go to eight hospitals in the past, I only go to
Largo Medical Center now, and it’s my primary hospital
because I’ve developed a relationship and a bond with the hospital, from administration to nurses, and I feel they work hard and they’ve always been responsive to any patient centric questions, and any help that I need,
they’ve been able to provide me with all the latest equipment. For example, the endoscopy department has one of the latest equipments. I don’t think any other
hospitals in the county may have some of the equipment, and we have the staff, is excellent. So, I’m very pleased with the hospital.

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