Jamie Madl, PA-C, Lawrence GI Consultants

Hi, I’m Jamie Madl, and I’m a physician
assistant with Lawrence GI Consultants. I grew up in a small town just west of
Wichita, Kansas, with a large family dynamic, went to college at the
University of Kansas, where I met my husband early in school there, and then
PA school at Wichita State University. I’ve always been fascinated with the
complexity of the human body and being able to help others live their best life
possible. PA school, the path to become PA, was always very appealing to me and
being able to work closely with physicians to help optimize patient care.
I really enjoy being able to build patient relationships and looking at
them as individuals so we can individualize their care because there
is so much that we can do to help them, but everybody is so different, and how we
react to all the different treatment options is so varied, so being able to
also make them feel involved in their care I think is what ultimately is going
to make their outcomes and their quality of life better.
I would tell my patients that it’s important for you to do as much as you
can to lead a healthy lifestyle. We have so many treatment options available for
you, but they can only be complemented by doing as much as you can outside of your
appointments to be as healthy as possible. Also be informed and stay
educated about your health, if there’s any other questions that we need to
answer in your visit, please let us know so we can meet your needs. I really enjoy
educating my patients so they’re not going home feeling stranded and like
“okay what just happened,” but the more comfortable that you feel in your visit,
the better your outcomes are going to be. I just think it’s important for my
patients to know that I’m going to treat them as an individual and try to give
them the best care possible. My patient relationships is what keeps me going in
my field. Being able to interact with my patients on an intimate level on a daily
basis is really fabulous, and at the end of the day it makes you feel like you
did something that day so. Patients should come to LMH because they really
do have one of the kind physicians in quality care around every corner and so
many specialists to choose from and that’s really hard to find in a
community like this. My husband and I love the Lawrence community, we have been
involved here for several years, we both went to KU and are die-hard Jayhawk
fans, so we feel this community has a lot to offer. We really enjoy being able to
live, work, and have care delivered to us all in the same area, and that’s really
hard to find. you

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