Jackson Hospital receives award

JACKSON HOSPITAL IN MARIANNA RECEIVES A PRESTIGIOUS AWARD FROM THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION AND UNICEF—THE ‘BABY FRIENDLY’ DESIGNATION. THE HOSPITAL’S MATERNITY UNIT SAYS THAT ALTHOUGH THEY ARE A SMALL DEPARTMENT… THEY ARE DOING BIG THINGS. NEWS 13’S FAITH GRAHAM SPOKE WITH THE NURSES WHO HELPED TO ACHIEVED THIS TITLE AND THEY SAY THIS RECOGNITION HAS BEEN A LONG TIME COMING. JACKSON HOSPITAL’S MATERNAL UNIT EMBARKED ON THE JOURNEY TO BECOME A BABY FRIENDLY HOSPITAL FOUR YEARS AGO. THE BABY FRIENDLY INITIATIVE WAS A GLOBAL EFFORT LAUNCHED BY THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION AND UNICEF TO ENFORCE PRACTICES THAT PROMOTE AND SUPPORT BREASTFEEDING FOR ALL MOTHERS. Melanie Sellers, Director of Women Services Jackson Hospital “We had a lot of changes we had to endure. We had to develop a breast feeding policy. We currently only had one paragraph, now we have a 14 page policy on breast feeding.” THE HOSPITAL HAD TO COMPLETE A TEN STEP PROGRAM…THEY ALSO RECEIVED AN EVALUATION FROM THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. SELLERS SAYS THE RIGOROUS PREPARATION TOOK A LOT OF HARD WORK. Melanie Sellers, Director of Women Services Jackson Hospital “We did a lot of education on the staffs part, a lot of education for our patients, a lot of education in the community because we want to make sure that our patients are consistently getting the same information on breastfeeding.” NURSES IN THE MATERNAL DEPARTMENT SAY THIS AWARD IS ONLY THE BEGINNING. Jordan Miles, Certified Nurse Mid-Wife “We’re making lots of changes on our labor and delivery unit just to better fit our moms and give them the things they want. More natural deliveries, more intervention free deliveries and so for me I’ve seen the nursing staff embrace that with open arms.” THE HOSPITAL WILL BE RECOGNIZED AS A “BABY FRIENDLY” FACILITY UNTIL 2024, THEN THEY WILL UNDERGO A REEVALUATION. FOR NEWS 13, FAITH GRAHAM ,PANHANDLE STRONG.

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