Israel’s Wildlife Hospital

No matter if it is
an eagle or a hedgehog or a chameleon, we try
to give the same treatment for all of them. If you love wildlife,
that’s the best place to be. The Israeli Wildlife Hospital
is a hospital that treats wild animals that are
coming from nature. They are wounded,
they are injured… We are treating them,
and our main purpose is to release them back
into nature. We are going to
check on a gazelle that was bitten by a snake. You see the feathers? She has to have vitamins. Let’s put her also
next to the UV. These turtles arrived
here with problems related to management
because somebody was keeping them
at homes. The best thing in the Israeli
Wildlife Hospital is that the goal
is to release the animals. We admit over
4,000 animals a year. This number is rising
every year because of awareness. Hi, Carol, how are you?
-Hi, I’m okay. I got a hedgehog.
-Yes. I think he’s ill. What’s wrong with him?
-I’m not sure. Let’s check. The Eurasian jay
had a very deep injury in one of his legs, and now I want to check
the wound and see if we can release him
back to the wild. I cover him, because
wild animals are very stressed here, in the hospital. When we cover their eyes
and they can’t see, they are more relaxed. It’s always hard work,
but we try our best.

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