Is Vaping Safe? | A Doctor Talks e-Cigarettes & Lung Disease

Listen guys, everyone’s
asking me about vaping. Bro, I get it, vaping is dope. It kinda tastes good. Like, if you used to smoke cigarettes, a lot of people have quit by vaping and they feel like it’s a safer thing ‘cuz burning a cigarette is like, we know you’re gonna get cancer or emphysema eventually,
the longer you do it. And so vaping has really
kind of supplanted this, a lot of young kids, though, are vaping as the only thing they do and becoming hooked on
nicotine-containing products, so that’s a downside. But then the bigger downside
that’s all over the news now is people are apparently dying. And I’m hearing this from
friends that are physicians. They’re seeing this lung disease, severe, severe illness
and a few deaths already from people who’ve been vaping. Now, we don’t know
exactly what’s going on. It seems to be associated
with CBD-containing products, some kind of additive or adulterant. Whether it’s a Vitamin E acetate, whether it’s some spiking of a synthetic marijuana
derivative in these products. The bottom line is, the reason
I am telling people right now don’t vape until we figure this out, is because we just don’t know. And the regulatory environment behind this is so behind the innovation
in these products, that now they’re everywhere
but nobody really knows how to regulate or test
them or do anything. And it took us a long time to figure out that cigarettes would slowly kill you. And the question is,
is it going to take us a long time to figure out that vaping is either gonna slowly kill
you or kill you instantly, depending on what adulterant
is in the vape juice? So I think the safest thing to do is, just smoke cigarettes because
they’re totally natural. I mean, American Spirits, right, right? You guys giving me money, American Spirit? I’m kidding! The best thing to do is
try to quit all of that. Don’t start if you don’t already smoke and wait until we learn more. We need to study it and honestly, I’m not a big fan of regulation but we need to regulate the hell out of it because it can potentially
injure people if you don’t! So, here’s the call to action. Share this thing if you vape now and you’ve quit smoking and you’re vaping, try to stick with products
that are kind of mainstream. Don’t go into that weird CBD non- By the way guys, let’s be honest. The CBD stuff is placebo! Unless it has a little
THC adultered in it, which often is the case. In which case, you’re a little high! That’s the reason you’re less anxious or you have these affects
that you think you have, or it’s placebo. The studies on CBD so
far are inconclusive. So, stop listening to your bros, maybe meditate, do some deep breathing. There’s a million ways to chill that don’t involve
putting your life at risk immediately with something
we don’t understand yet. And look, maybe I sound like an old man. It’s ‘cuz I am an old man. I mean, look at me, I’m in front of white. Who does that anymore? All right, Z Dogg out. By the way, become a Supporter. Subscribe, hit the little bell. We love you, we need you, it’s a Tribe. Health 3.0, we out.

100 thoughts on “Is Vaping Safe? | A Doctor Talks e-Cigarettes & Lung Disease

  1. Widespread/mainstream acceptance or rejection of something has not proven in the past to be trustworthy. Common folk in the Victorian Era would add borax to spoilt milk to cover the smell which let to wide spread TB outbreaks in adults and children. Sterilization of the mentally I'll or disabled was thought acceptable. Although this controversy may not be as jarring as the above examples there is one thing the general populous has to their advantage that these in the past did not: easy access to information and research of the topic. Do your own research to formulate your own opinion. Dont just look at articles, look at the sources. Dont just look at studies, look for repeated and counter studies. The whole premise if the scientific method is to create a scenario that can be replicated to formulate the same result, yet many studies are only completed once. Look into who sponsored the studies and projects and try to connect potential bias. No matter what side of the arguement you are on, these principles can and should be used for any questionable issue. Empower yourself with the tools at your fingers to conclude your own opinion. Dont let others make it for you so easily by just reading one article without listed sources or some YouTube video.

  2. i have only one think to say that i wanted everyone to just consider… i use a vaporizer, the ones i have a large hole and large tube for draw… i mostly put it into i pockets (don't think about it), and every few days i have to clean out the lint , pet hair and such out by totally taking it apart and cleaning everything… my question is this, is it possible that something can get inside the vaporizer that's it my pocket (hidden in the lint) that when heated and vaporized could cause a problem or could be causing these vape deaths?. thanks.

  3. Hey Doc,16 years vaping has been around with 0 issues or deaths …..Illnesses didn't come about until the TMSA bloodmoney was running dry and "mysteriously " tainted Illegal THC carts hit the mainstream with e acetate and pesticides used as fillers were introduced. This is ,to 13 million + vapers in the U.S. is a bit fishy.

  4. Its because they used there vape wrong! In europe? NO CASE. NOT ONE!! Kids wil do what wherever they alowed to do! You are just causing fear. And Everyone in the rest of the world sees that you are al lying and that there is engine against vaping (big tabacco and big pharma) and we are al thinking you are being stupid. You are al making A fool out of yourselfs!! Is america that stupid? I dont think so. Butt everything i see is not doing you Any good!!

  5. Don't vape poison. It's worked great for me so far. Please don't eat poison either because I don't want to hear about (eating deaths) as I do enjoy food.

  6. As a Respiratory Practitioner who performed Pulmonary Function testing i saw pts quit 30 plus yr 2pk a day habits and far more successfully than any other cessation program. Its the garbage THC cartridges that has caused these issues. No new vape " lung" disease.

  7. Funny cuz no one ever talks about vaping nicotine🤔 VAPING is such a broad term. When someone can give me factual knowledge about vaping nicotine/using Njoy or proof that it can kill me then ill stop

  8. what i find weird is all these cases are american, are the media pushing a war against vaping? i'm british and hear all these scare mongering stories from america, if it was vaping that caused it all would this not be happening all over the world and not just in one country? then the indian prime minister visits texas goes back home and puts a ban on vaping, are they getting used as guinea pigs to see if it would work on the american people?…. i switched from smoking to vaping 3 years ago and never felt better, can breathe properly again.

  9. My surgeon was ecstatic when I told him I quit smoking by using vape. He asked me why/how it worked immediately and so well for me. I said because it's delicious. He said "Ah, so that's why they're banning flavors". Then he went on a short rant about big tobacco and government right before putting me under for surgery. So there's a different perspective from a medical professional. 😉

  10. I vape and never felt better. I use CBD for hip pain and it works. I don’t vape my CBD I use drops under my tongue 👅 .

  11. Just use Common Sense…Whether Someomes Has Been Vaping 1 year or 6 yrs like myself…Does It Make Sense That 700 People Just Developed Some Kinda Lung Disease Out Of a Nowhere In a Two Month Period…Just STOP…🛑 Now Think About It…!?! I Don't Know The Long Terms Effects of Vaping Real Actual "E-JUICE" Not Prefilled Cartridges CBD or THC or Whatever's in Them, All I Know FOR SURE is I Feel Waaay Better and We Haven't Had "One Single Person" THINK NOT ONE
    ..!!! in 5+ Years Complain About Getting Sick or Being Hospitalized in The 5 1/2 Years We've Been Open And Since I Quit Smoking I Run, Play Basketball Besides Just Lifting Weights…Things I Never Even Imagined Doing Again When I Was Smoking, So I'll Take My Chances of Quality Of Life For Now. #FAKENEWS
    #BigTobacco Right Trumpsters…Lol

  12. Nobody knows how to regulate them? England and Canada both do it. Common sense would tell you that if thousands are suddenly getting ill from something millions are doing, and it is only happening in one country that it is something new, not the product (ecig) that has been used by millions for a decade.

  13. Nobody knows how to regulate them? England and Canada both do it. Common sense would tell you that if thousands are suddenly getting ill from something millions are doing, and it is only happening in one country that it is something new, not the product (ecig) that has been used by millions for a decade.

  14. What?! You hypocrite. Don’t vape until we know and do research? Weren’t USA having tons of ads with doctors saying cigs are grrat and healthy nothing can go wrong? Stfu?

  15. I love you man but I vape now and it's helping me not smoke. I was smoking 2-3 packs a day. But I agree with moderation. I tried cold turkey and can't believe I didn't go to jail! lol Kidding but I was wicked moody and my husband got me a pack of cigarettes. My point is I am feeling the positives on vaping. I agree though that if we aren't smoking or vaping why start. I hope you find out for sure the health risks but; I do not miss my coughing up a lung in the morning ritual. I love ya Zdocgg! Keep on rolling I am still a follower and plan to stay with ya!

  16. The problem is that all kids and teens think they look cool and all trust me NO you look gay, ugly, retarded and disgusting i swear i ever see a kid vaping i am just gonna break it to annoy his little ass all thos smoking teens look retarded and cringy at the same time

  17. You’re delusional if you think vaping is as bad as cigarettes. Cigarettes – 4000 chemicals
    Vapour liquid 3 – VG PG Natiral flavouring + nicotine if you want. Vaping a not “good” but it’s not as harmless as the media are portraying it

  18. The disease I get is a shitting disease from drinking monster Coffee 🤷🏽‍♂️ vaping for 13 years and I get checked on the regular. It's the FUCKING THC shit. Buy from the damn vape store and not black market shit. Don't buy the shit off the streets common sense.

  19. Yhe kids that were vaping THC products were using vitamin E as a solvent, which causes acute respiratory failure when inhaled. This is not news any longer.

    To the"doctor" who is in this video: I highly doubt that you are a legitimate physician, for the simple fact that the Hippocratic Oath says that you should first do no harm. How can you balance that with your position on the issue? On the one hand, if you smoke, by your own admission, you WILL get emphysema or cancer (or both). If you vape, you MAY die, but only if you vape illicit products that are by no means readily available.

    Finally, I don't know what country you live in, but the last time America tried to regulate the use of drugs, let's just say that now you're more likely to buy carfentanyl (which has no legitimate human purposes; it's only used to tranquilize elephants and rhinoceroses it's so strong) instead of heroin.

    Stop acting like big brother is going to protect us from… Ourselves.

  20. I vape using real buds and not the oil junk. My lungs are perfect and I'm a cyclist. My resting heart rate is in the 40s I can hold my breath for very long periods of time. Vaping isn't bad for your lungs just don't get those stupid Vapes that use oil cartridges. It's much superior then combusting the plant with a flame. Also doctors don't promote natural products. Most doctors are a joke. They push toxic vaccines and pharmaceutical junk. Never trust a doctor. Who doesn't speak truth. High quality CBD oil is far superior then addictive opiotes that destroy ur kidneys sorry doc. I bet this guy believes vaccines are designed to save lives too..

  21. We "just" know that nicotine vaping is not the issue. People are dying from fake thc cartridges. This is not your typical vaping that's been around for years and nobody has ever died from it.
    For you to just blatantly urge your viewers not to vape period, without making a clear distinction, is dishonest and ignorant.

  22. Funny how you are "not a big fan of regulation" but want the government to regulate vaping based on your whim. How has government control and tons of red tape helped anybody or improved anything? It only helped corrupt, career politicians that care about their big pockets, nothing else.

  23. Here's what I assumed. Each and every patient who came into an ER presenting with a lung/breathing illness was immediately tested for THC via urinalysis or blood test. This should've been a mandatory procedure. But instead, doctors relied on the patients self reporting.

  24. Another name for Vaping is doing nebulizer treatments..Health care nebulizer treatments weaponized against THE PEOPLE.1996 patient confidentiality laws…No oversight, no transparency/accountability of product,,,what pesticides, anti microbial,anti fungals added to product people smoke..

  25. I’m a high schooler and I have been to two different high schools, and for the record, vaping, at least in my schools is not cool, most people that do it use it as a coping mechanism

  26. It's the THC cartridges that cause sickness…
    tobacco companies that are losing a billion dollars a month from you not dying from cancer, started this "vaping is bad" scare….

  27. This dr a part of the misinformation about all vaping is dangerous. The danger is using black market thc cartridges.

    All this scare tactics is going to keep millions of smokers from vaping. Vaping is 95% safer compared to smoking according to Public Health England. UK doctors are smart enough to push smokers onto vaping.

  28. Man, kids are getting dumber and dumber. Parents need to start beating their kids again. I am sick and tired of the bad parents that don’t care about their kids and just hate them. You know, you had your kid whether you didn’t want one, you got one! So TAKE CARE OF THEM YOU LAZY OAF! Get off your lazy butt and be a parent! You had the kid! Take care of it. Whether you like it or not, you need to care of them. I’m sick and tired of kids and teens vaping and juuling. You know you can die. But they do it anyway. They are stupid, if this is how kids/teens are doing this at their age and not taking care of their health, they will not be able to last as an adult living on their own. They will be working at a gas station on the side of the road. You may not like to hear it, but it’s true! They will end up dropping out of high school and college because they got caught doing stupid stuff like this! And about the bathroom, stop vaping/juuling in their you retards! The bathroom is where you rest your bladder/bowls by doing your business, washing your hands, and then leaving and carrying on with your day! Kids/teens are dying from this but they don’t care! They just want to look “cool”. Looking cool is not doing bad things that will affect your health and maybe even your life! Being cool is by doing cool things while setting an example for everyone else in a good way! Not by doing this. They are risking so much. They could die such a young age but they don’t care! They continue to do it either way. They still have/can do so many things. They will miss out on so much. Now parents and children (teens included) do the right thing, take care of your kids, raise them right, allow them to live their life the right way. Now, take my advice and make your life along with your child’s life better. Raise them right!

  29. You’re an idiot. CBD has been proven to help with numerous (understatement) mental and physical illnesses.

  30. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so injured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.

  31. Vaping has been in the market for 15 years, yet quote "YOU DONT KNOW" the effects. Maybe you are not doing your job right and all your doing is missinforming people and scaring people that has done their own research and that knows the the data behind 15 years of investigation tells us that vaping is %95 less harmfull that tabaco cigarretes

  32. Actually we do know the long term Doctor.Nicotine based Vapor products have been on the market for more then 13 years. If there were significant issues with nicotine bases vapor products, We would have already seen them long ago. In 2015 The Royal collage of physicians ran a comprehensive study on the health risks. They have concluded. Nicotine based vapor product to be 95% less harmful then Combustible tobacco. Propylene glycol is one of the main compounds in vapor products. Propylene glycol is also the main ingredient in asthma inhalers.(Administered in vapor form) Has been since the 1960's, Propylene glycol is a natural germicide. One part of glycol in 2,000,000 parts of air would – within a few seconds – kill concentrations of air-suspended pneumococci, streptococci, and other bacteria numbering millions to the cubic foot. So let my uneducated self teach you a few things about vapor/smoking. As you may be aware nothing on this planet is 100% safe or too much of anything is bad for anyone.What makes cigarettes harmful? The carcinogenic compounds that are created from combustion, This combustion also creates a nasty tar. With Vapor products, The temperature does not reach the point of combustion. Therefor does not produce carcinogenic compounds that cause cancer or Tar. With a Succession rate of 72%. Transgression of physical dependency of nicotine till one is no longer addicted. All vape shop sell the liquid in different levels of nicotine so over time the user lowers the nicotine, Till they are not addicted. I'm speaking from a prospective of personal experience. Unlike your mere perspective of observation. This isn't about safety, This is about a product that is 95% less harmful then something we know 100% is Dangerous This is America Adult's have the Rights to choose what they put in their body. People with asthma inhalers, Are vaping nicotine free vaporizers to save their life.The person Vaping the nicotine based liquid is vaping to save their life. From physical nicotine addiction from combustible tobacco. Don't lie to the public they knew from the beginning it was lymphoid pneumonia and lied. There is a pending lawsuit for letting people die and focusing on Nicotine products when they were never a problem. This is an adult product and should be sold in vape shops not gass stations.

  33. They have done studies on if they do not how to regulate it I don’t know where you’re getting your information from she don’t know nothing. Stop spreading false information

  34. Dumb people like to generalise. You can vape cyanide. Is it going to kill you? Probably instantly. Vaping it's just a transport mechanism. It's like saying the internet is bad… everybody stop using it!!!! It comes down to what you burn and inhale. Coca cola will kill you. Ban all sodas!!!

  35. Once again the world ignores the studies, HEY BALDY!!!! we DO Know. Fucking moron, it's all bootleg thc carts, tests were done. In all cases its black market products, thc tested carts from dispensaries produced 0 carcinogens, vape juice from repritable manufacturers produces 0 toxins, in fact in some cases the air in vape shopes had less toxins than the air outside the store itself. Do your fucking homework dr.bald.

  36. Why would I trust Americas scientists that seem to have an agenda I mean we've just learned that 2nd hand smoke has negligible impact from the ground breaking original study and guess who was screaming that cigarettes caused cancer I believe a decade before the U.S. it was the U.K. and what has the U.K. done for studying vaping alot they are the first to ask if a person smokes or vapes at doctor visits ask how they feel some had x-rays done there work is why the royal college came to a conclusion of 95% safer than a traditional cigarette yet the U.S. is in denial of said facts or outright call it false yet as stated above these physicians are the same who were telling everyone the danger of cigarettes. The best solution is what the U.K. has done don't allow 50 mg juuls 20 mg is what is needed for some to start at and work down to 0 mg. What's funny is you can tell the doctors that see it as a helpful aid and the ones that put them into a "evil" category. Lastly as what's been pointed out since the beginning is the rapid onset and the majority of the honest people admitted THC being vaped of course some may have admitted they got it off the street but the blanket amount of nicotine vapors over 10 years who didn't develop this since the outbreak and were still vaping makes a stronger case it is those THC cartridges and this misleading move was so the anti groups would take action and that they have with the flavor bans or in MA. case lets ban it all. The think about the children is just as laughable if they were wouldn't you just straight out ban cigarettes or only allow smoke stores to sell them as it narrows access. No they only use these words to strike a visceral emotional response and it worked. How many people cryed out to legalize weed most states have were they thinking of the children no it's why they do the same thing kids always do obtain it illicitly.

  37. I want to keep vaping cause its an addiction of course, and this guy is leaning on all the health shits from the dab carts. I think vaping in general should stop, even though I do (which im quitting tomorrow actually) with all the possibilities i dont think its safe

  38. Oh we do know. Illegal THC products. Next time be responsible and research more deeply before making a video about your opinion and it is just an opinion. Or better yet let experts do the talking.

  39. 1 month on and still many people are misinformed. Please educate yourself if you really care.
    Start with DashVapes videos

  40. I wanna quit vaping I only use nicotine e liquid no thc can anyone suggest a non nicotine vape thing I can start using?

  41. BULLSHIT!! BULLSHIT. CBD IS NOT A PLACEBO!!! It is the ONLY pain reliever and PTSD reliever that has ever worked!! Phuchk pain pills!!! Mediation helps a little bit. CBD 99% pure Isolate in a Capsules saves lives! I blew out a disc in my lower back. I took 75mg of the CBD ISOLATE and the pain almost went away completely. ZERO THC IN THE ISOLATE!!!!

    This guys is a dickhead.



    If you do not smoke cigarettes then do not start vaping, but if you do then NICOTINE vaping has been proven to be a better alternative to combustible cigarette smoking, the choice should be left UP to the addicted adult.


    *The real wall of death can be found every time you walk into a store that sells combustible tobacco cigarettes.*

    There are in excess of 41 Million Vapor Users Worldwide! Yes, there needs to be regulation which has already been started by the FDA but too slow.

    Yes, the use of smoking and vaping among MINORS has to be regulated, but not at the expense of the ADULTS that have the right to decide for themselves after measuring the risks in either case!!

    A friendly and concerning message to the news media. You should report on the lies that most news media are broadcasting due to misinformation being given about the lung crisis from the government. Look up the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) that was enacted in 1998 which is the real reason that the vaping industry is being attacked. Also all of the reported vaping deaths that are directly related to Illegal THC vaping which has nothing to do with vaping nicotine.

    AV presentation on the MSA bureaucratic demonetization of the vapor industry.

    American Cancer Society Position Statement on Electronic Cigarettes

    Latest news from unbiased real reporting media outlet!

    Even the population form the UK can see past the cover-up!

    Ca Supervisor Kristin Gaspar Testimony on Youth Vaping

    A conclusive FDA advisory release.

    CDC's official naming (EVALI) of the current rash of sicknesses and deaths relating to the vaping of elicit THC.

    CDC final word on the REAL cause of lung injury and deaths relating to vaping THC and not NICOTINE liquids!!

    The worst FAKE news interview with a person who ended up in the Hospital due to consuming Illicit THC

    The worst example of recent Government Economic COVER UP.

    More positive news showing the extent of bureaucratic fearmongering over fact-checking.

    Truth About Vaping – Episode 1 "Why They Hate Us"

    Truth About Vaping – Episode 2 "The Nicotine Misconception"

    Public Health Expert on e-cigarette panic

    The most accurate reporting from the UK

    LATEST CDC findings

  43. It's cause of shitty unregulated black market bootleg THC carts that have nothing to do with legal FDA-regulated nicotine e-cigarrettes that have helped millions quit smoking and that have nothing to do with legal (in some states) THC vaping that has helped millions reduce pain and get high safely.

  44. He’s not wrong. The best solution is to just stop smoking all together. But we know thats not possible. Thats why im vaping while watching this. Yeet

  45. Vaping and smoking weed. do u guys think, is it okay for our lung? Someone believe that vaping is more dangerous than smoking cigarettes when u smoke weed

  46. I stopped the cigareetesss !!!!!!!!!!!!!! just like this … ive been smoking since young age…. i smoked about 12 years
    one night at work at my break it was cold outside and I didn't went outside to smoke and since then i just stopped smoking…
    everybody can do it.. you just dont want to 🙂

  47. The only real problem I see with vaping is nicotine addiction. If you vape 0nic, you can throw it out any day with zero problems, but if using nicotine be ready for a shit journey when you withdraw

  48. CBD does not give you any mental effect you won’t feel the effects it has, it’ll help you sleep or take away pain but will not give you any noticeable effects if you want effects get yourself some weed

  49. They knew from the start moron, Black market THC cartridges… Every single bottle of commercial E Liquid ingredients HAS been submitted to the FDA. Man you're either really stupid or just need those views… Pretty sad LOL. BTW CBD is very real and comes from the same plant But has no activeTHC in it. You have a Utube channel So with that said you have google. There's only one clown that PPL want to see & they make movie's about him… You're the other

  50. Yo this medias and s**t need to chill down from spreading missinformations, you can put literally any liquid and try to vape it, and if u get sick its not the problem in the VAPING, but in you!!!
    So dont put regular vaping in same context with THC fake liquids!!!

  51. Fuck you. You knew the outcome of smoking cigarettes, you knew the outcome of alcohol, you knew the outcome of weed, the government is 20 steps ahead all the time. Dont bollocks me about not knowing about ecigarettes. Half the market is owned by them, if not more. We fly shit to mars, no need to bullshit us. If you cant figure out whats hurting people then we should stop space exploration and concentrate on ourselves.


  53. juul has been the only one getting fucked for getting adults off cigarettes when all the other vape and black market thc companies are the ones responsible for the deaths

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