Is a nose job right for me? (Rhinoplasty)

(mellow rhythmic music) – Rhinoplasty is a medical procedure for what people call a nose job. The reasons for wanting a nose job vary from functional difficulties to improving facial appearance. Your nose is an important
feature to your face. And we want it to work and look its best. During a consultation for rhinoplasty, we discuss aspects of the procedure. Generally the first part deals with the internal
portion of the nose, including the middle
partition of the nose, called the septum, and its surrounding anatomy. These components can affect the way air passes through your nose. This is an important
part of any consultation, because we wanna make sure you have good air passage
after the surgery. The second part of the consultation deals with the actual rhinoplasty to address the external
appearance of your nose. Some things that can
alter with rhinoplasty include taking down the dorsal hump, something that bothers many patients, in the middle portion of the nose. We can also change the end of the nose, what’s called the nasal tip, which can affect the angle,
width, and projection, often changing the definition of the nose. We can also address the upper portion of the base of the nose, to improve the width and
overall symmetry of the nose. When you come in for consultation, you’ll have a chance
to share your concerns and what you hope to improve. We encourage you to bring
photos of noses that you like. We’ll talk to you about the procedure, both the risks and the recovery process, along with additional tests that may be needed prior to the surgery. During a rhinoplastic procedure, an incision is made along
the base of the nose. And incisions are also made inside the internal portion of the nose to gain access to the internal framework. Following rhinoplastic surgery, patients can usually return
to normal activities, including going back to work, in two to three weeks. Most people can also go back
to regular exercise habits, cardio and weightlifting, within four to six weeks. You should know that noses hold swelling a bit longer than other
places in the body, and you may still have
swelling after two weeks. That’s completely normal, and usually barely noticeable to others. To schedule a rhinoplastic consultation at Mayo Clinic Health System, please call the number on your screen. Or for more information, visit (gentle music)

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