IoT EcoStruxure™ at Indriati Hospital Ensures Reliability

Providing world-class health services, which can be accessible to all communities has become our top priority. I am Andrew Santoso, Chief Operation Officer at Indriati Hospital Indriati Hospital located in Solo Baru, Sukoharjo which can accommodate up to 500 patients. We have 11 operation theaters, 2 ICU rooms, and are equipped with special facilities for patients with cancer, heart disease, neurological disease, and orthopedic. Being located in a new development area sometimes we have to face a major problem of frequent power outages. If this happens, it would lead to disruption of our service and also could be dangerous for our patients. That is why we have decided to partner with Schneider Electric with EcoStruxure Power to ensure our engineering and medical team can manage their daily duties. EcoStruxure Power is connected to our UPS and isolation transformers. Its’ monitoring system gives us real time information about current electrical status so we can control and ensure everything works properly. EcoStruxure Building helps us to maintain comfort and energy efficiency. Through the application, we can monitor the HVAC system, lighting and electrical network and we can also analyze the energy usage in the hospital area. We chose Schneider Electric as our partner because they are supported with integrated solutions and reliable experts. With these advantages, we can focus more on improving our productivity and service excellence to our patients.

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