Introduction: West Florida Rehab

(light piano music) Hi, I’m Dr. Glennal
Verbois, or Dr. V for short. I’m the Medical Director of the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit at West Florida Hospital. I’d like to introduce you to our unit and show you some of the
things we have available here that no one in the surrounding area has. Our facility is the only licensed, comprehensive,
physical medicine, and rehabilitation hospital
in the Pensacola area. The program focuses on regaining
functional independence under the guidance of
a team of professionals specializing in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation. The Institute is adjacent
to West Florida Healthcare’s Acute Care Hospital, which
offers medical support services, including emergency medical
care, x ray, and lab services. The rehab team’s most important
member is the individual recovering from an illness
or injury such as a stroke, brain injury, spinal chord
injury, an orthopedic injury or surgery, or a debilitating illness. Input from the person
served is continually sought in establishing goals and an
individualized rehab program is established to meet those goals. Education and training are an
important part of the rehab process to make sure the
patient is well prepared upon discharge and is as
independent as possible. We are proud of the fact that
over 80% of our inpatients are able to return home. Candidates for admission
to inpatient services will receive a free, onsite
preadmission evaluation by the physician or
clinical nurse liaison. The patient’s medical,
physical, cognitive, behavioral, and social status will be
evaluated for the patient’s appropriateness for admission. Input, as well as decisions
regarding admission, are communicated with the patient,
family, referring physician, and external case manager. Upon admission, an interdisciplinary
team will be formed to meet the needs of the
individual and will include a physiatrist, which is a physical
medicine and rehabilitation physician, registered certified
rehabilitation nurses, physical therapists, occupational
therapists, case managers, and if needed other team members
may include speech language pathologists, recreational
therapists, a clinical psychologist, neuropsychologist,
registered dieticians, respiratory therapists, and
other medical specialists. Outpatient referrals are accepted from Florida licensed physicians. Our comprehensive outpatient
services include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech language pathology. We also offer several
specialized programs including a driving program, a wheelchair
seeting clinic, vestibular program, lymphoedema program,
osteoporosis program, aquatic therapy, and a dysphasia
or swallowing program. As you watch the videos, you
can see that we are the only rehabilitation unit like
this in the surrounding area. Please call us if you or
a loved one could benefit from our services We would love to help you. We are able to take patients
from home, so just give us a call and speak to one of our liaisons for more information. We would also love to give
you a tour of our facility so that you can see we’re the best in town. Thank you!

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