Introduction To Hope Rehab Thailand

I’d come to a point where I’d learnt so
much about addiction and recovery, rehabilitation, that I wanted to bring it all together and create what I think is the ideal programme for people to get well. Usually people engage through the website
and then they’ll send me an email and then we start the process from there. They’re often in difficulties, they’re struggling
with their addiction, so we offer the support as soon as they get in contact and we build
up a relationship from there, and then we help them organise flying to Thailand. We meet them at arrivals so as soon as they’re
off the plane we’re standing there waiting for them and they’re looked after from that moment. The Hope Treatment Programme has four main pillars. The first one is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy,
it changes the negative, unhelpful thinking into positive. The second part of the therapeutic programme
is the Minnesota Model. It’s where we look at the behaviours, at
the shortcomings and character defects. Then the third one is Mindfulness and Meditation. A lot of addicts have storming thoughts and
confused and a lot of things going on in their mind and Meditation and Mindfulness helps
them to calm this. Then the fourth main pillar is exercise,
physical exercise. It makes people feel good, it creates natural
endorphins, serotonin. It could be walking, running, biking, boot
camp, we have Muay Thai every afternoon. We’ve been very lucky to find this wonderful
facility that’s very spread out, you know, you can walk around the facility, find peaceful
areas to relax, to do your assignment work. It’s a very green atmosphere so it’s a
healthy atmosphere. I love counselling because I love to see the transformation that can happen in clients, that I like to call people because it’s
not only clients it’s people, and to really see how there’s always potential for personal
growth from a fulfilled life and I really believe in that, that we’re students for
life and I love seeing them rediscover the truth in who they are when they come in here,
that most of the times they’ve lost. It’s really amazing to see. Therapeutic groups are very effective because
clients learn from each other and what for one client might be really normal after years
of addiction might not be normal to the group and we discuss those things in a group. People can become connected with their body and their mind and they learn to build a new relationship with their mind and their body. Here at Hope, we encourage people to get up
early to do exercise, they can do yoga on the balcony, they can go for a bike ride,
they can do a variety. This is also what I would call spirituality
because that’s the way of life, the way of living, and they begin to love their body,
love themselves as who they are.

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