Introduction by Dr. Gilbert Meadows for South Texas Spinal Clinic

Good morning, I’m Gilbert Meadows.
I’m an orthopedic spinal surgeon in San Antonio, Texas. I’ve been in practice in
San Antonio since 1982. I’m the founder of South Texas Spinal Clinic
and I want to take a moment for you to get to know me and what’s available
to you at South Texas Spinal Clinic.
As I stated we’ve been here since 1982 and over the years
we’ve had a total of twelve spine surgeons at this facility
interestingly no one has ever left this practice. Guys that have come have stayed
and we’ve developed a remarkable relationship over the years.
Our practice has got various aspects that makes us unique.
Each one of us have our own areas of expertise in our own areas of
interest which affords you the opportunity to see a
variety of different physicians that may
be able to help you with your particular problem more completely.
In addition to the spine surgeons we have a physiatrist to specializes in
physical medicine and rehabilitation. He also does pain management for us.
The physical therapy that we have is state of the art
We’re associated and affiliated with the South Texas Spine hospital which is right
next door. the
Some of this for you as a patient
is a qualified team of very well-trained and all board-certified orthopedic
spinal surgeon in addition to the other gentleman that I mentioned.
Our goal here at South Texas Spinal Clinic
is to make sure that you understand each and every aspect of your care
from the beginning to the end. Whether it’s medical treatment or surgical
treatment, is insignificant to us. The important thing is that you understand
what’s going on with you and how to get rid of the problem.
I want to take an opportunity to intoduce to you
our web site which is These instructional videos will be available
to you from the various physicians in my practice
and they will cover a gamut of different things as it relates to spinal care.
so I urge you to go to the website,
learn something about us and our clinic, view the educational videos and if we can
be of help in any way as it relates to your spinal care
you can give us a call. The numbers on the website or you can actually make an
appointment on the website. I really appreciate your attention in the
opportunity to get to introduce myself to you.

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