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– [Narrator] Introducing
Kaiser Permanente’s beautiful new state-of-the-art San
Diego Medical Center, a world-class addition to our
integrated health care system that includes the Kaiser
Permanente Zion Medical Center, the Palomar Medical Center in Escondido, and 24 medical offices
throughout San Diego County. More than 617,000 square feet in size, the San Diego Medical
Center is centrally located in the Kearny Mesa area with
easy access to major freeways. Parking is free and includes electric
vehicle charging stations. We are also proud to say that
our dedication to green design and energy efficiency has earned
the San Diego Medical Center certification as a LEED Platinum
health care facility. Like all our facilities the
San Diego Medical Center provides the very best in patient care through integrated medicine,
advanced technology, and an expert care team that
is committed to your health. Your care begins directly
outside your room where a touch display shows information that allows clinicians and staff to quickly understand
your medical situation, and offers visual reminders
for specific care needs, such as medications, treatments,
turning, and mobility. These displays also allow nurses to control your in-room lighting, window shades, and temperature, to make sure your stay
is customized for you. Inside the room, the
integrated care board, a 75 inch flatscreen display, enables you to watch your
favorite shows on TV, view educational videos,
order room service, place nurse calls, and even have virtual
visits with your physician. Everything is integrated into Kaiser Permanente’s
HealthConnect system that makes sure real-time
medical information is available to you and your care team
where and when it’s needed. We also have special rooms
designed for our patients with a high risk for falling. These rooms are equipped with cameras and motion sensor technology that alerts staff when a patient begins to exit their bed or chair, enabling the caregiver to quickly assist before the fall even occurs. Our real-time location services help our staff to be more efficient by helping locate equipment
within the facility, giving them more time to
provide you with excellent care. We are also dedicated to
providing your children with the highest quality medical
care while in the hospital. Our new pediatric care department gives our young patients
and their families all the comfort they
need to make their stay as stress-free as possible. The new San Diego Medical Center has a 24-hour outpatient pharmacy and a comprehensive emergency department that is fully staffed and tech-supported for your critical medical needs. Our surgery department features state-of-the-art
surgical tools and technology, such as the da Vinci robot, which is designed to
facilitate complex surgery using a minimally invasive approach. At our new maternal child health center, we want you to feel like you’re
receiving the VIP treatment from the moment you arrive. This begins with special parking spaces reserved just for expectant parents. When you check-in, you can be sure that our
specially-trained nursing team will coordinate with your obstetrician to provide you and your new
baby with the very best care. In most situations, your
labor, delivery, recovery, and postpartum will be in the same room, so you can settle in
while we make sure you and your new baby are
comfortable and safe. We want to make sure
this moment of bonding with your newborn is intimate and special. Friends and family are wonderful
support during this time and visitors are always welcome. While most babies arrive
ready to take on the world, some need a little extra help. Our neonatal intensive care unit, or NICU, is ready to provide the
very best medical care should your baby need support getting off to a healthy start. We are here to give you the
very best birthing experience so you can return home with
your beautiful new baby and many wonderful memories
of this special time. At Kaiser Permanente, we
believe that environment plays a large part in the healing process. Besides the patient-focused
rooms and common areas, you and your visitors can find respite on two miles of walking
paths in the healing gardens and in other quiet areas of repose. As the newest member of the
Kaiser Permanente family, the San Diego Medical Center provides you with the best care available. With our state-of-the-art technology, and expert physicians,
specialists, and staff, we are committed to your
total health and wellness, body, mind, and spirit. (upbeat instrumental music)

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  1. I WAS BORN LIKE A BABY IN THERE TOO I LOVE THAT HOSPITAL!!!!!i loved boston childs hospital thats where my little brother was bron at

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