Interview with Dr. Tinajero of Colorado Dermatology Institute’s Lake Plaza Clinic

I like dermatology because it is so fascinating. There’s so much more to the skin that what we see is what the public sees, and one thing I really, really enjoy is immunology. That means they’re, you know, they’re the way your body fights infections, and your skin is like the first barrier to that environment. And there’s so many changes on the skin, so many reasons why we see what we see. From the color of your skin to, to the reaction, to, when you go hiking or you’re swimming, and aside from that is the skin, it’s always, most of the times, the window to the inside of the body. At least I believe it. Um, a lot of the conditions that are treated, such as diabetes, hypertension, also that, you know, [inaudible] disease, often times, not all times, it’s seen on the skin. [inaudible] I, too, look at that. Sometimes you can be the one that knows in those things.

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